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Steve Lyston | Fathers must rise above the challenges and make a change

Published:Monday | June 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM
More fathers taking their children to school and attending PTA meetings. But Garth Rattray argues that there is a perpetuity of 'deadbeat dads' in our society.

The fathers are under attack. There are so many issues and organisations that are coming against the fathers. Surprisingly, most of the problems that exists within the nation, and more specifically, with our children, are the result of a lack of good fathers. Most of the youth who are in prison today are there because of the lack of fathers playing a positive role in their lives. If we are to see and experience change within the nation, then the number one focus should be to empower fathers to know their roles and responsibilities.

There is nothing wrong with empowering women and children, but nations cannot continue to address the issues without including the men and boys. There has to be balance. The problems that face the family now - the abuse and rape of our girls and boys - is the result of the fathers being out of position. So until they know their roles and responsibilities, things will remain skewed. They must know that they are the prophets, priests and kings of their household and must be taught to function accordingly.

Has anyone ever thought that the greatest threats to the family are those who claim to be addressing gender issues globally? Family is the first line of government. God created the family before He created the civil government and the Church. No earthly law can erase the structure that God has in place.


Lack of good fathers


The lack of good fathers has created a void - it is like a house without a roof. When fathers pray for their children, change takes place. God has instilled in them the power to decree and declare. They have the ability to mentor a lost child and turn him or her into a winner. Regardless of the potential that exists in an individual - sports, entertainment, politics or even in the Church - one will never walk in full maturity unless they have good fathers that will mentor and motivate them and let them know - "Yes, you can do it!" regardless of the challenges.

A father is the one who is supposed to bring discipline and set their household in proper alignment. When a nation begins to fall morally and lack true purpose and revelation, it means that the fathers have compromised.

Biblically, when Israel suffered defeat, it came about because the fathers no longer corrected their sons, and as a result, God's glory departed from the nation. So, nations started to suffer defeat. We need good fathers to begin to rise again within the nation, who will not be intimidated by money. We need them to rise within the legal system, business and politics, and who, regardless of their political affiliation, will speak truth.

We have allowed a lack of good fathers to slip into various organisations and it is now creating a negative impact through their advice, which is bringing nations into ruins.

A good father will never be a 'yes man', he will always be in agreement with the Heavenly Father. Anything God loves he will love, and anything God hates he will hate.




An attack on fathers is an attack on God. No mother can do a father's role. A mother can't replace a father - God made it that way. We need to stand and support good fathers, because there are still good fathers. Regardless of the campaign to tarnish men as failures within the society, and regardless of the vital role they play - which is usually being downplayed - it is very rare to find one successful person in life that did not have some father-like mentor, whether biological or otherwise.

We need to start sending fathers and mentors within the prisons to help in the rehabilitation process of our boys and girls. We need to stop placing so much emphasis on drugging the prisoners into oblivion and allow father-figures to become mentors for them.

They don't need marijuana, they need fathers who will show them love and affection and approval - speaking words of blessings and teaching them forgiveness; teaching them how to pray and how to show respect to others within society; teaching them how to dress; and teaching them how to choose and marry a good wife.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.