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Future scientist looking ahead to finding a cure for diseases

Published:Thursday | June 21, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Twyla-Haye Achillia Amiyah Bent

Eleven-year-old Twyla-Haye Achillia Amiyah Bent, who can't wait to start attending Glenmuir High in September, is already thinking ahead to her future career.

She said she wants to be a medical scientist, and this goal is inspired by her desire to find a cure for some of the diseases that are plaguing the world.

The precocious pre-teen, who had a Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) average of 98.2 per cent and attends Denbigh Primary, said preparing for GSAT was not as hard as she thought it would have been; it just required her dedicating more time to studying.

"Between the months of August and September, I realised that it was time for me to start taking studying seriously. I realised that I would be losing my free time, so I devised a plan that would help me to study efficiently without worrying about the loss of my free time," she told The Gleaner.

Bent said each evening when she went home from school, she played for about 20 minutes before hitting the books. Fridays she took for herself to relax and unwind. Saturdays and Sundays were designated for reviews and tackling past papers.

However, with all that preparation, Bent said she had doubts on the day of the exam.

Her doubts were put to rest with the release of the GSAT results, and it was a happy and very relieved Bent who said when she heard the school she had passed for, "my head just fell unto my bag which was on my table".

Looking ahead, Bent admits that she knows that high school will not be a walk in the park and shared that she is already anticipating the challenges of being a high-school student.