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Campion College scholar earns his way

Published:Friday | June 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMKeisha Hill/ Senior Gleaner Writer
Jah Light by Michael Morgan.
Michael Morgan's art piece dubbed 'Cosmic girl'.
'Day at the beach' by Michael Morgan.
Michael Morgan, sixth-form student of Campion College.

Michael Morgan has found a way to add creativity, satisfaction and happiness to his life by integrating the single best solution of art to his daily activities. The upper sixth-form student at Campion College has the natural ability to transform the canvas into breathtaking works of art.

With a passion for art and design, and digital media, his euphoric pieces transcend specific descriptive language, but takes you on a visual journey like none other. Filled with diverse colours and themes, Morgan definitely has the impetuous for a creative future.

So good is his talent, that Morgan has been utilising his skills to offset expenses associated with his educational journey. "I am a go-getter and I always bring something to the table when I ask for assistance. I got this attitude from my parents that if you want something, you have to go for it and make yourself marketable," he said.

Morgan was recently awarded a US$70,000 (J$9 million) per year scholarship to pursue an undergraduate degree at Bates College, in Maine, United States of America. This came after his unwavering dedication to his academic studies.

The former Clan Carthy Primary School head boy knew from an early age that he had to make the most of his opportunities. He has maintained first and second honours every term since 2011 and became president of the Democracy Club, Media Productions Club and vice-president of peer counselling, as well as won numerous competitions while representing Campion College.


Assistance needed


At the same time, he has also received nine distinctions in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate exams and five distinctions at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exami-nation with Jamaica and Caribbean placements in visual arts and sociology.

Despite the scholarship, he will still need US$4,000 for other supplies and upkeep. He is currently selling his art pieces to assist with this goal, but is also seeking assistance to raise the much-needed funds.

"When you grow up in certain environment, it can either make you or break you. My parents are my motivation. They have instilled in me the mindset to see beyond what is around you. Being from a humble background, and being the son of a postman and secretary from downtown Kingston, I continue to have extreme gratitude for the generosity that I have experienced," he said.

Morgan, a Rotary Youth Leadership awardee, said he chose to attend Bates College, a private liberal arts college in Lewiston, Maine, because of his desire to pursue a first degree in political science and international relations.

During the pinnacle of his Campion College experience, Morgan represented Jamaica at United Nations conferences in Germany and New York. It was from this experience that he decided to pursue this career path.

"I want to work at the United Nations and contribute to policy development and help to develop strategies to assist developing countries like Jamaica. I also want to add my voice to tackle issues such as climate change and poverty," Morgan said.

"I see a bright future for myself and giving back to my country. The next step is making sure that my future is a reality, and going to Bates is part of this reality," added.