Fri | Dec 14, 2018

New look Puerto Seco Beach reopens after US$5.5m investment by Guardsman Group

Published:Sunday | June 24, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Patrons enjoying bar amenities at the recently reopened Puerto Seco Beach.

The Guardsman Group is beaming following the recent reopening of the Puerto Seco Beach in Discovery Bay, St Ann.

Once listed among the top-10 beaches in the world, the Puerto Seco Beach faced years of deterioration from improper waste management and pollution on the property and in the water.

After a successful bid in 2015, the Guardsman Group stepped in to begin a US$5.5 million renovation of the property.

Because of the deplorable conditions, the former structure on the beach was bulldozed. During this process, 19 pits were discovered which served to pollute the waters.

With a vision to make Puerto Seco Beach into a world-class, family-friendly facility, the Guardsman Group implemented infrastructural improvements, including the implementation of a proper sewage system, over two years.

Upgraded Facilities

The property was reopened to the public on May 1, with upgraded facilities including a floating water park, a 150-foot swimming pool and pool bar, along with water sports activities and private cabanas.

According to Kenny Benjamin, executive chairman of Guardsman Group, several plans are in place for further development of the facility.

"We anticipate even more improvements and opportunities to come, including the instalment of a children's play area and mini zoo to the property," said Benjamin.

"We are working to make Puerto Seco Beach the first choice for enjoyable experiences in our island home," added Benjamin.

He argued that since its reopening, the Puerto Seco Beach has added much value to the recreational indulgence of Jamaican families with an admission charge of $1,000 for adults and $500 for children, which contributes to the daily maintenance and overall operations of the restored facility.

The beach is staffed with 80 young adults from the community, and this number is poised to increase in the coming months with further expansions.

Daily entertainment is offered by Jamaican performers. A new restaurant and bar have also been added to the property, staffed by local chefs and bartenders.

"With this fresh chapter opened, we are committed to maintaining the new standard of the facility for Jamaicans and visitors alike," declared Benjamin.