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Prophetess warns of making deals with the devil

Published:Saturday | July 7, 2018 | 12:00 AMShanna kaye Monteith/ Gleaner Writer
Prophetess Shanique Bell-Beckford.
The 25-year-old prophetess, Shanique Bell-Beckford, will be ordained as a pastor tomorrow.

It was through a vision that Prophetess Shanique Bell-Beckford received the revelation that many artistes, including some in the gospel industry, have been making deals with the devil in exchange for fame and fortune.

Visions, as defined by the woman of God, are more clearer than dreams and have a heavenly perspective.

And though she admitted that this encounter, which happened a few weeks ago, was partly personal as she, too, was attacked by said witch, there was also a message to the gospel industry.

"In the vision, a witch came to me offering me a huge church and also wanted to give me a huge following. She knew I was a prophet and wanted to offer me more power. In the vision, I clearly remember saying 'I prefer to be a beggar and go to Heaven'.

"What stood out to me is that we were at a church retreat and two men had their CDs for her to join covenant with them so they could become famous in their music endeavours. It was obvious that these were gospel artistes," Bell-Beckford said.


Secular Artistes Sold Out


The 25-year-old, who will be ordained as a pastor tomorrow told Family & Religion that following the vision, the Lord began telling her that many secular artistes are sold out to the devil, and listening to their music can pollute minds and spirits, hence the jealousy and murder rate in the country.

"Also, he said, there are gospel artistes within the Christian faith who have also dwindled in acts of evil for fame, popularity and to sell music. They are not of God, but are only using His name," she said, adding that for the past few weeks, she has been praying for some gospel artistes who have become tainted along the way.

Bell-Beckford encouraged these industry men that it's not too late for a turn.

She also encouraged others to pray for them to prevent their names being exposed by said witches.

"The enemy wants to expose us as Christians who are messing up in order to put a bad stigma on the Church and Christendom, but I decree that there are still many of us who refuse to be polluted and we will stand for holiness at any cost," she declared.