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Steve Lyston | Leadership and divine intervention

Published:Monday | July 9, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Many times, we hear debates regarding divine intervention in leadership and government. While many may state "God helps those who help themselves", that statement is not scriptural - it is nowhere in the Bible. Many times, people will set up policies or systems that are against the principles and Word of God and want God to bless it.

Not so! That leads to failure because you made that choice; God did not tell you to do so.

Seeking God or receiving divine intervention is not about saying a little prayer. It is about asking God for His divine will and following whatever instructions He gives. Ask God if your plans are in line with His will. Ask Him for the best plans and strategies to be implemented - wisdom, ideas and solutions.

When someone is being hired for a job/portfolio, we need to ask God who is the right fit for the benefit of all. The natural man may quickly jump and put someone in a position because he or she attended an Ivy League school, but God does not look at it that way. He looks at the heart, the purpose, the grace and the favour on an individual. It is why God can use a school dropout to solve problems none of the Ivy League graduates can figure out (1 Corinthians 1: 27).


Building without divine intervention


When we build without God's divine guidance, we have chaos, confusion, division, waste, loss of grace and favour, unfulfilled purpose/unrealised goals, deception and hindrances.

The problem that exists in this generation is that the secular universities don't teach about favour and divine intervention. Some even refuse prayer and have replaced it with New Age philosophies. They have put the Kundalini spirit in the place where the Holy Spirit should be, so a vacuum has been created causing the absence of truth; and even emerging politicians are failing because their foundation is shaky.

So the key to prosperity from a biblical perspective is not one brilliant, intellectual mind, but it is God, who gives the power to get wealth and also to make profit (Deuteronomy 8: 18; Isaiah 48: 17).

Many organisations today are finding ways to push God out of their operations and practices because they believe their intellect makes them superior and so they don't need Him or His wisdom. Every leader should remember the story of King Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4: 28 - 33).

If God created the economy before He created man, then who is man to think he or she is superior to God and His wisdom.




While universities teach us about budgeting, forecasting, costing of products, managing inflation, and other economic theories:

ï Do they understand times and seasons and their relevance to the economy?

ï Do they understand that breaking spiritual laws affect an economy and profitability?

ï Do they know which countries to engage in business and which ones not to?

ï Do they know how to select a person for a portfolio or a position beyond looking at their degrees?

ï Do they know what criteria exalt a nation and which ones bring nations down?

ï Do they know the power of grace and favour on an organisation or nation?

ï Do they know the negative effects of trying to use another country's economic blueprint as the guide for their nation?

ï Are they prepared to deal with the negative impact of a global banking and insurance sector reform and how it will increase poverty, shattering nations and individuals?




Every leader should learn from Solomon. He realised the importance of divine intervention and how it affected his daily choices. The people he led were not easy to lead.

Leaders today are depending on man to be successful. They must understand that billionaires/elites are loyal to no one. They are only loyal where they can get benefits; and as soon as access/benefits run out, they drop you like a hot potato. They are generally selfish/self-centred and will tell you they are self-made.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.