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Sewerage charge to be imposed on some Port Antonio property owners come November 1

Published:Tuesday | July 10, 2018 | 11:57 AM

Property owners and occupants in sections of Port Antonio, Portland are being encouraged by the National Water Commission (NWC) to connect to its new Port Antonio Sewerage System.

The NWC says 460 properties have already been identified and sewer laterals have been installed to the boundaries of these properties under the Port Antonio Water, Sewerage & Drainage Project.

The agency says it is now up to property owners to make arrangements to complete on-site activities necessary to complete connection to the network.

It notes that the NWC Act states that sewerage rates may be applied to all properties within 100 yards of the sewer mains whether or not they are connected after the public has been advised.

The NWC says sewerage rates will be charged beginning November 1, 2018.

The Commission says interested customers should make the necessary steps to having their premises connected to the sewerage system, which will transport and treat the sewage at the new Anchovy Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The NWC is offering to provide some assistance to encourage timely connection to the public sewers.

To this end, the NWC has already:-

* Installed laterals up to the boundary of properties in the Port Antonio service area at no cost to its customers.

* Made available technical assistance (designs, drawings, etc.) to guide property owners.

* Offered special payment and contracting arrangements for customers who chose to get connected immediately.

As per normal, premises connected to the sewerage system will be charged sewerage rates as of the date of connection.

For further information

* contact NWC in Port Antonio offices at 876-993-3692, 876-715-4033, 876-715-1335.

* Calls may also be made to the Community Relations Department at 876-929-3540 or email

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