Fri | Dec 14, 2018

St Elizabeth police relax entertainment ban

Published:Sunday | July 15, 2018 | 12:17 PM

Melville Harris, Gleaner Writer

After enforcing a ban on entertainment activities in some communities in St Elizabeth earlier this year due to a surge in violence and other criminal activities, the police have now relaxed the restriction in some of these areas.

Addressing the recent monthly meeting of the St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation, the officer in charge of operation in the St Elizabeth Police Division Deputy Superintendent of Police Anton Cardoza announced that the entertainment ban has been lifted in three communities after careful review.

He said the ban has been lifted for the communities of Vineyard, Whitehall and Middle Quarters.

Cardoza said that while the ban for the Middle Quarters area was lifted, the police would not approve any event for the square of Middle Quarters due to the potential for causing traffic congestion.

In questioning the rationale for the lifting of the ban in Middle Quarters and Whitehall, councillor for the Brompton Division Withney Smith asked about Brompton and its adjoining communities. The senior policeman said there were still some concerns regarding the potential threat of violence.

Cardoza also advised that promoters needed to be truthful about the information they supply when applying for permits as they could see their events being terminated or permits refused, if false information is detected.

Earlier this year the head of the St Elizabeth Police, Superintendent Catherine Lord, reported that some promoters were applying to stage entertainment events with one sound system, when in fact there were two or three systems playing at the events. She said some events end up being car or bike shows.