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Steve Lyston | Global Shift in Banking and Insurance

Published:Sunday | July 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM

There is a global shift taking place in the banking and insurance sectors and it's happening very fast. Some don't even recognise this until it hits them. These changes taking place will cause many more to become poor and homeless. It is critical for Christians to know times and seasons, and what to do, as it will become worse. Many may laugh or scoff, but they will see. Many are quick to condemn scammers, but are silent when it comes to the 'legal scammers'.

Insurance companies are often quick to increase premiums and they are doing this at a rapid pace. Miss one payment and the policy lapses or they cancel it. Let's say you are sick, need surgery, but you had an auto accident. They will try everything in the book to not give you much. Furthermore, you will get another increase on your insurance premium.

Many health insurance companies have a group of persons with which they network, who offer the cheapest service. Then without your knowledge or realisation, they adjust your policy benefits and instead of getting the agreed medication, they force you to take generics which give you little to no help. Many are dying without justice, and these insurance companies are Goliaths and seem to operate with their own laws. No politician even dares to challenge them.

Every organisation must practise business with morals, grace and mercy. Many people are crying because of the injustices that exist within these organisations and until the decision-makers begin to feel it themselves, they won't know what it is like, so they can't empathise and make a change.

The banking sector 

Banks have been overcharging people for years. They have been exploiting their own people. Now, you can't even transfer from one account to another without a charge. If you put a manager's cheque in your account, (a cheque that was purchased with money - so that money is guaranteed) they hold it for two days or more. If there is a direct deposit (salary) to your account and you owe money somewhere, your whole salary is taken so there is nothing left in your account or in hand, so you are not able to purchase medication. So you are left to die.

Banks charge you an overdraft fee even where they don't allow the payment to go through that would have put you in overdraft.

Very shortly, in fact it has already started, you will see rapid increases in the charges for bank statements and credit card statements. They will increase selling our information to bigger banks in Europe. Many accounts will be closed and as soon as that starts happening, they are going to have contracts in place to force us to agree to them imposing a penalty if we decide to close our accounts before the 'appointed time'. So either way, high fees would inevitably be meted out to you.

They charge withdrawal fees and impose withdrawal restrictions on customers, and that will be increasing quickly.

Mortgage payments will be skyrocketing, which will force many into illegal activities to try to alleviate the oppression. So, ultimately, the banking system will force people into illegal activities. The safest place up to this point are the credit unions, but they will be coming under pressure to put laws in place for people to be working for a long time before they can become members.


Address problems in insurance and banking sectors

On a global level, if there is no serious coming together to address these issues, then poverty levels will rise. There will be high copays for surgeries, lab work, dental work and insurance premiums across the board. This will potentially force a lot of people into cremation instead of burying their dead.

We cannot continue on this path.

Maybe we should, with prayer, consider purchasing land and holding on to it. Should people begin to increase insurance coverage on life, property and business?

I am not giving financial advice, so please seek proper financial advice from a financial professional. The picture is on the wall and this is an urgent call for heads of state to no longer ignore the problem that exists in the insurance and banking sectors.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.