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UPDATE: Cold storage container explodes in Portland, three hurt as church is damaged

Published:Thursday | July 19, 2018 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis Snr
This photo shows the damage to one building following the explosion - Gareth Davis

Three adults were today hurt when a 40-foot storage container exploded in the farming community of Kensington in East Portland. 

The three along with four others and 32 children were attending vacation Bible school at the Kensington Methodist Church.

Reverend Bernise Williams, the head of Kensington Methodist Church said the three adults were hurt when shattered glass from the windows were sent flying.

According to her, it was a miracle that no child was injured.

"It was a rather frightening experience," Williams said, adding that the roof of the church was also damaged, and as a result, all activities including Sunday services have been suspended.

"Broken glass is lying everywhere and the roofing has to be replaced," she said.

Three houses and two vehicles were also extensively damaged.

The cold storage container that exploded was used to preserve plantains and bananas. 

One resident, Lisa Bryan, said she was at work nearby, when she heard the explosion. 

"This explosion happened at the right time, " she said. 

"Normally, workers would be on location to check or pack fruits into the container, but today they somehow turned up late for work. God is working. On a day like today, bodies would be lying around as it was a powerful explosion."

Investigators from the Port Antonio fire station are conducting a probe into the incident.

The cause of the explosion is not yet known. 

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