Sat | Dec 15, 2018

The gospel is not a country club — McClurkin

Published:Saturday | July 21, 2018 | 12:00 AMShanna kaye Monteith/ Gleaner Writer
Donny McClurkin performing at Fun in the Son, 2018.

It was an anointed Pastor Donnie McClurkin who delivered a potent and power-filled message last Saturday at the 16th staging of Jamaica Fun in the Son held at the National Heroes Park.

Starting off his delivery by glorifying and lifting up God, McClurkin gave an explanation of who the church is, contrary to popular beliefs.

"The church isn't the denomination, nor the pew. It's not the Anglican, the Church of God or the Apostolic. The church is a living entity so let the church make some noise right now!" he said indicating that the church he spoke of is the actual worshipper and not the building in which they worship.

Adding to his point, the American gospel singer and minister emphasised that the gospel was never meant for the four walls in which it is often kept, as Jesus did not die for a building nor an Organisation.

"Why are we holding the gospel hostage on Saturdays and Sundays so that the people who need the gospel can't hear it and only those who know the gospel can hear?

"We sing to the sang to, and preach to the preached to! The gospel is not a country club - it's supposed to reach the lost and dying. The gospel has to reach the lost, not regurgitated among the Christians, this gospel has to reach those who don't go to the church house," he said, adding that often times Christians treat with disdain those who are lesser in status, exampling the how unkempt or obviously destitute people are sometimes thrown out of church halls.

Likewise treated are those who are considered unclean or unholy because of their lifestyle.

But according to McClurkin: "Aren't those who the gospel is for? Something is wrong with this. It's not the way that Jesus functions.

"It was a prostitute, not a church girl, who came with an alabaster box full of expensive oil; a prostitute started to wash Jesus feet with the oil and her tears; and a prostitute who used her hair to dry his feet - actions which were questioned by the 'rich' people in the room. I don't know if I'm making people nervous by using that word, but you have to understand who Jesus appeals to."

Using another example of how 'religion' condemns the "perishing and the dying" the minister told the story of the woman who was caught in the act of adultery.

Jesus has always had a relationship with people who were not in church.

"There was a woman who was lying in bed in a sexual relationship with a married man and 'religion' kicked open the door, grabbed the naked woman from under the man to the streets - but forgot to bring the man. You see, religion gets things a little backward sometimes.

"It took her, naked and ashamed, her to where Jesus was. She knew she was about to die because religion said to kill her. Religion has a blood lust - 'kill the person that is wrong' - until it's our time. We are willing to kill somebody who has fallen until we fall," McClurkin preached as his congregation shouted a hallelujah of agreement.

The man with The Word spoke against the accusatory nature of religion, encouraging Christians to be less of that when people are wrong but to be more embracing and forgiving as Jesus was.