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Vaz encourages Boston jerk vendors to maintain high standards

Published:Wednesday | July 25, 2018 | 12:33 PMGareth Davis Snr
Chairman of the Destination Assurance Council Portland chapter, Annmarie Vaz, with a jerk vendor at the Boston Jerk Centre in Portland
Representatives from TPDCo, Portland Municipal Corporation, and the Destination Assurance Council posing with erk vendors, clad in their new aprons, at the Boston Jerk Centre in Portland.

Chairman of the Ministry of Tourism's Destination Assurance Council Portland chapter Annmarie Vaz has encouraged jerk vendors at the world-renowned Boston Jerk Centre to main high standards.

Vaz, who revisited the centre yesterday, four days after handing out aprons to approximately 30 vendors, a venture which was a collaboration spearheaded by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), spoke about the need to preserve the Boston Jerk brand.  

 “This is an iconic facility with a rich history,” she commented.

Vaz added, “We all know about the international flair attached to this particular spicy meal. Today, just about everyone is trying to copy the Boston product. And that is why as jerk vendors there is now a need for you to set high standards for the product and its future.”

“You now have to operate with a sense of professionalism that represents the brand Boston Jerk. Your actions and services will reflect on Brand Jamaica. Gone are the days when you once operate with a willy-nilly style.  You now have to be properly attired and must be able to meet the minimum standard set by the Ministry of Health."

Vaz said she is particularly impressed with the operations at the jerk centre, which now has a new look with upgraded stalls and a bathroom.

Approximately 15 jerk stalls are operated by 45 persons at the Boston Jerk Centre, which also employs an additional 15 to 20 persons indirectly.    

 Last Friday, a team from TPDCo headed by Deputy Executive Director Tova Hamilton handed out aprons to the jerk vendors bearing the Jamaican logo with the caption ‘Boston Jerk Portland Jamaica Worlds #1’.

TPDCo said the aprons are to encourage compliance with public health standards and to ensure that the integrity of Brand Jamaica is maintained.