Tue | Jan 15, 2019

Opposition wants Trevor Forrest off all Gov’t boards! Forrest cites Official Secrets Act to Gleaner but take to Twitter!

Published:Friday | July 27, 2018 | 11:06 PM

Erica Virtue

Senior Gleaner Writer

The Opposition People's National Party (PNP) says Trevor Forrest's attempt to breach procedures to parachute Carolyn Warren to the Spectrum Management Authority makes him unsuitable to sit on any government board.

Its spokesman on science and technology Julian Robinson said the exposure of an e-mail trail between Forrest and former chairman of the SMA, Dr David McBean, was a clear example of a board chairman who was insistent on breaking the rules, of good governance.

McBean refused to interview Warren's whose application came ten days after the process closed, and which did not come through the proper channels.

"Based on his actions we consider it to be a clear breach of the procedures relating to recruitment. We believe he is unfit to remain as the chairman of the Spectrum Management Authority. He is also the deputy chairman of the Universal Service Fund Board, and the E-Learning board and we believe he should be removed from all three boards," stated Robinson.

Forrest insisted that Warren's application be on the short list of candidates for the post of Manager - Administration.

Warren resigned Thursday as the head of NESoL after revelation that she had a cocaine conviction which was not disclosed. NESoL is an agency under the ministry held then by Dr Andrew Wheatley.

"... Someone who clearly demonstrates no regards for the policies, the systems that are put in place to protect the agencies should not remain in any of these positions. We are calling for his removal from the three boards on which he sits, and for the government, and in this case the Prime Minister to act..." insisted Robinson.

Forrest declined comment when he was contacted by the Gleaner on Tuesday citing the Official Secrets Act. However it did not prevent him from responding to the Gleaner article on Twitter, under the handle "Mr Open Source."

" One thing to know not stated in the article, (the) application was referred to me before deadline and I sent it to management late (my bad)... hence the request. Managing Director provided his views as did I. External resolution sought for difference in interpretation, feedback provided, HR (human resources) policy revised".