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Tishauna Mullings helping young people thrive in the 21st Century

Published:Wednesday | August 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Tishauna Mullings
Tishauna Mullings

The name Tishauna Mullings is not strange to the ears of those young people in St Thomas who take an interest in bettering themselves.

For years, the young woman of Seaforth in the parish has laboured tirelessly to ensure that those around her stay motivated and strive for excellence.

As a part of her active involvement in various social missions, Mullings is the founder of the six-year-old Nexx Step Personal Development Services, where she acts as a chief facilitator of the self-actualisation of young people through mentorship and life-coaching, and Little Genius, a programme which trains eight to 11-year-olds in public speaking and critical thinking.

Today, the Governor General's I Believe Initiative ambassador continues to brainstorm new ways in which she can help young people cope in this ever-changing society.

The 28-year-old is looking to launch two books before the year's end to assist in the advancement of her purpose and hope for youths.

Goodbye Ordinary: Ten Day Journey to Extraordinary and Ready Set Go: The Youngsters Manual to Success, according to Mullings, were both inspired by her personal journey.

"In overcoming self-esteem issues that used to affect my academic performance and in accessing life coaching, I was able to transform my life completely, which also affected an improvement in my academics. So basically, I wanted to expose young people to the possibility that a shift in mindset will yield greatness, regardless of their circumstances.

"Also, I'm not just a motivational speaker who tells people 'You can do this', but I want to provide the step-by-step process, the connection and all the practical moves to take to actually achieve success because I think that there are enough people out there telling others they can do it, but we need to have more people who tell you how to do it, now that you have accepted that you can," she said as she spoke of the inspiration behind her upcoming books.

In addition to her many achievements, Mullings was among eight Jamaicans who were selected for the then President Barack Obama's flagship programme, Young Leaders of the America Americas Initiative in 2016, lessons learnt from which she has taken much.




"When I was on the Obama project I was exposed to a term called Massive Transformative Purpose. It speaks about identifying your overall purpose based on whatever activities you are involved in. I am on a social mission and my overall purpose is to help youngsters acquire those skills that they need to survive in the 21st century economy because its fast-paced, ever-changing and it can be overwhelming, so how do I keep up with everything that's going on and at the same time acquire the skills that help me to bring out my full potential ... so in a nutshell, my propose is to help young people thrive in this 21st century economy," Mullings said.

Her book, Goodbye Ordinary: Ten Day Journey to Extraordinary is the first of the two books to be published and is part of a social-media campaign which will give tips on how people can live their best lives.

According to Mullings: "The campaign will include live videos based on the chapters of the book, and there are various hashtags that we are encouraging people to share and express their journey of going from ordinary to extraordinary. The hashtags are #GoodByeOrdinary #StepUp #StepOut #NexxStepp".

The campaign is expected to be launched on August 17, just before the September launch of her book.