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Fishing Village of Hopewell gets legal electricity

Published:Thursday | August 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM

The fishing village in Hopewell, Hanover, is the newest community to legalise its electricity supply. This fishing village consists of a combination of residential and small commercial customers who have moved from having illegal supply to safe, reliable service.

Prior to the intervention by the Jamaica Public Service (JPS), over 80 per cent of the electricity being used was illegally abstracted. That number has since been dramatically reduced to roughly 20 per cent.

JPS said in a press release yesterday that the legalisation process commenced after the company conducted a needs assessment and embarked on an upgrading exercise of the network serving the community.

Additionally, the company engaged community members in preparation for their transition to becoming legal customers. Following weeks of work, the installation of the upgraded infrastructure was completed at the end of May.

"JPS continues to assist residents in the community to take the necessary steps to obtain supply, as the growth in legitimate customers from the community continues to trend upwards. JPS commends the residents of the Hopewell Fishing Village for this step in the right direction, which serves as an example for other communities," the press release stated.

"Working alongside residents to ensure safe, reliable supply for their homes and businesses is at the forefront of JPS's mandate. Persons wishing to legalise their supply may do so by contacting the company via 1-888-CALLJPS or via its social media platforms @myjpsonline for more information."