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Local roots man says his products can cure any disease

Published:Wednesday | August 8, 2018 | 12:14 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Trevor Farquharson with tonics he says are inspired by God and able to cure almost every ailment.
An outlay of the tonics sold by Trevor Farquharson in the Mandeville Market.

Mandeville, Manchester:

For the past 16 years, Trevor Farquharson, who plies his wares in Mandeville Market, said he has been using his God-given talent of making herbal medicines to heal the masses and bring glory to God.

He claimed his products have cured AIDS, cancer and a myriad of other diseases and ailments that tend to afflict people.

"As a young man, my folks taught me about the herbs and how to use them. When we had problems like a cold, they would send us to get the Jack in the bush weed to cure it, and I grew up to love the herbs."

Farquharson said he attended the Jamaica Bible College for four years, where he did food and nutrition, among other courses, but has never been formally trained in nutraceuticals.

"This is a direct gift from God. I can't do anything of myself; I credit everything to God. He leads and I follow. We have calabash tonic, which is good for a lot of things like infections and circulation problems. Back in the days when doctors weren't as prevalent, the midwives used to give the mothers bush to help them pass out the afterbirth."

Farquharson claimed his calabash tonic has even cured a women with AIDS.

"I have people who come in here with AIDS, but they don't want to tell you that they have it. I have this lady from St Mary who came in here and bought the tonic that I made from the calabash. She told me that she went back to the doctor and there is nothing there. She has even had a son since, who is now 10 years old."

Farquharson added: "The first lady with AIDS that I treated lives in America and was referred to me by my sister. I made the tonic and sent it up to her, and my sister told me that she has made a full turnaround. The doctors couldn't find any trace of AIDS, and she even got married recently in Africa."

The roots man said that people have travelled from St James, Portland and even as far as Florida, for the tonics that he said he has received visions for.

"My tonics are inspired by visions from God. I am told how to put to the herbs together, so it's not about trial and error. I am a godly man, led by the Holy Spirit, so if anybody waa come tek them and think them can undermine dem, them and God will deal with it. Every man has a gift and once you don't bury that gift, God will help you."

Considering the ease with which some people make concoctions and hail it as a reason to never have to visit the doctor again, The Gleaner questioned Farquharson about why his products were any different.


Everyone is different


"Let me tell you how it works, everybody is different. Sometimes one person may need a bottle, while others may need more than one.

It depends on what stage your ailment is at. We have different kinds of cancer and each type requires a different herb. I even have a judge who comes to me for tonic for his prostate problem," Farquharson said.

Spirulina tonics, calabash tonics, noni tonics, herbal shakes, guinea hen weed tonics, strong back tonics and horny goat weed tonics are just a few of the products you can find Farquharson selling daily in the Mandeville Market.

"My products have been passed by the Bureau of Standards and as time goes by, my packages have improved. For as little as $300, up to $1,200, you can get a bottle of roots. Things have changed a lot and people are having more and more complaints because of the food they eat. We need to make food be our medicine and we need to use the herbs."

Farquharson continued: "People laugh at me and do me wrong many times, but even when you do me wrong, because I am of the Lord, I will come out of it.

"I make sure whenever I am doing these things, I go down on my knees and I put it in the hands of God. Anyone who feel they want to undermine God's purpose, they will have to answer to Him."

Farquharson says he is available for queries at (876) 331-0623.