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TrainFit’s Summer Excursion is finally here!

Published:Saturday | August 11, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Head of the TrainFit Club, Stokely Rose, gearing up The Gleaner Fit 4 Life participants for Outdoor Madness Boot Camp recently.
The Gleaner Fit 4 Life boot camp with the TrainFit Club.
Stokely Rose, head of the TrainFit Club, conducts a recent Gleaner Fit 4 Life boot camp at In-Motion Gym at Shortwood Teachers' College, St Andrew.
Gleaner Fit 4 Life boot camp with the TrainFit Club.

One of the best events of the summer - TrainFit Club's Summer Excursion Hike and Treasure Hunt - hits the road early tomorrow morning as the fitness team takes enthusiasts on an adventurous nature trek of Mount James in St Andrew.

The food and drink-inclusive family event is being presented under the theme 'Explore. Discover. Enjoy.' and it promises to be enthralling, fun and exciting with lots of surprises, nature talks and treasure hunts along the trail.

"We really wanted to come with something totally fun, captivating, different and innovative for this event, so we pulled out all the stops to make it a day you will never forget and wish would never end," Stokely Rose, head of TrainFit Club, told The Gleaner.

Everyone will meet at Shortwood Practising and Junior High School on Olivier Road, St Andrew, at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow for an early-morning lyme and breakfast. Transportation rolls out at 7 a.m to Mount James, where the nine-mile hike starts at 8 a.m.

Along the hike there will be:

- Three river stops, so bring along your bathing suit,

- Three stops for WATA, granola and Powerade,

- Educational nature talks,

- A Maggi Soup stop,

- Surprise entertainment,

- Grace Aloe and tuna sampling,

- Sunshine Cereal, Serge Island Milk and Supligen sampling.

"The trail is perfectly safe because safety is a priority for us. There will also be lifeguards at the river stops, as well as an ambulance," said Stokely.

"The TrainFit Club's Summer Excursion Hike and Treasure Hunt is a family affair that promises to be full of vibes. I guarantee that you will enjoy every minute of the experience. Fun, games, surprises - one of the best events of the summer - so come on out for a fantastic experience and a day like none other. This is one adventure you don't want to miss."

The cost for the event is:

- $5,500 per person

- $4,800 per person for groups of 10 or more

- $3,800 for children 12 and under

- All fees cover transportation, food, drink, security and trail guides.

Contact: trainfitclubevents 876-587-2249, 876-366-0435.