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Steve Lyston | Value, vision and success

Published:Monday | August 13, 2018 | 12:57 AM

In life, there are three elements that can cause you to experience true prosperity - value, vision and success.


I have realised that people will value their vehicle, tablets and phones more than they value their mentor, pastor, teacher or spouse But what we need to realise is that whatever we fail to value, we will lose them.  

People today need to value the time and sacrifice others make for them. When we place value on something, we guard it, honour, respect and appreciate it. Many times when people fail to value people in their lives, and others begin to treat those people with greater honour and respect than they do, they begin to say "They are behaving as if they are gods or as if people must worship them!"

Every great person, whether secular or religious, there is always someone that they have valued and honoured that opened the door to allow them to walk into greatness.

When you value something or someone, then you are willing to attach a cost to it. In addition to this, when you know your value, people can't take advantage of you.

Many pastors counsel members of their congregation often times for hours, and beyond normal working hours. It is a service, like secular jobs, that pulls them away from their families and requires the pastor's keen attention. However, at pastor appreciation time, for example, where someone chooses to buy the pastor a 'top-of-the-line' vehicle, or a whole new wardrobe, others behave as if the pastor is not worthy of the honour. When you go to a doctor to attend to you, don't you have to produce your card first before they attend to your issue?

When we fail to value spiritual things, then value diminishes in every area of society - including the currency.


Each time we ask the Lord for provision, He gives us a vision. Without a vision the people perish. Vision means we have to walk by faith, and it is a function of the heart not of the eyes. Sight limits us. Vision has to first be birthed through faith and prayer. Vision outlives our generation, so our vision must first go beyond infrastructure and target human development and growth.

Provision is always hidden until you put vision into action.  Hebrews 11). Remember, prosperity does not mean tomorrow's need is met today. On the contrary, it means today's needs are met today. (Psalm 68: 9)

Each day we must ask, seek and knock. This means searching, researching, asking for help from both God and human beings. Sometimes we literally have to knock on the doors of businesses. Oftentimes it is not necessarily money that you need for the vision, it may be that you need revelation, access or other resources.  


There are many who are uncertain about the definition of real/true success. Success occurs when you are in God's will and are accomplishing and being what He wants in the time that He wants according to His timetable. Are you where God wants you to be?  

Success begins with serving God the Creator, not the creation or His universe. Remember, everything was created to worship God including the universe. (Psalm 148)

The first keys to success can be found in Joshua 1.

Success does not come by your own force, strength, military power, money, intellect or education. Success comes by God's Spirit - He causes you to acquire success. (Zechariah 4: 6).

Interestingly, failure is part of the road to success, because there are benefits had and wisdom learned along the way; in the same way that we have profits and losses.  

Material possession is not an indicator of your success.  You can have money and material possessions and are still not successful because you may lack balance. When God's right hand is with you, then you are successful.

When God allows us to have good staff and committed people who will put in consistently hard work, this will help us to experience true success. A vision that is inspired and dedicated to God who gives us power to get wealth will allow us to experience true success.