Sat | Aug 24, 2019

Sheldon Boothe determined to walk in faith

Published:Saturday | August 18, 2018 | 12:00 AMShanna kaye Monteith/ Gleaner Writer

It is the Word of God that leads many to the water and, for some, conviction comes from a song or a special visitation from Christ Himself, but for Sheldon Boothe, it was the baptism of his friend and fellow partner-in-parties that truly ministered to him.

"It was a few years ago, when I attended a street meeting put on by the Operation Youth Reap in my community. Standing from afar, I saw them ministering to my friend - one who I attended multiple party events with. You could literally see the conviction over her. She was crying and was standing looking in awe.

"After the altar call, I went over and asked her if she was going to do it (get baptised) and she said 'let's see what God has in store for me'," he shared.

Apparently, God had much planned for the young woman as she got baptised only a few days later, an event that changed not only hers, but also the direction of her friend's life.

According to Boothe: "I saw my friend going into the pool and I broke down in tears. I remember walking up to the pool and looking at her crying. I couldn't contain myself. I broke down even more."

He explained that others began ministering to him, but all he could think of was the party and the weed-smoking that he would have to give up.

Boothe told Family & Religion that his eventual baptism shocked many people and some even put a time limit on his new commitment.

Determined to prove them wrong and hold on to Christ, Boothe remained steadfast in his new lifestyle, but then his first hurdle came.




One of the biggest secular events of the season had come around and despite fighting the urge, he ended up attending.

"That night I was in the party and I couldn't find a song fi fit me vibe. Is like I was in a place where I didn't belong. I wasn't feeling my usual party vibe even when I was forcing it. I realised I just don't fit in this crowd any more. The following day it's like I could literally feel me getting a warning," he said, adding that he cried for forgiveness and decided he would continue in faith.

The 25-year-old child of God admitted that though the Christian journey may not be the easiest, it is by far the best.

"Every time I'm faced with problems this one song always minister to me, Through the Fire by the Crabb Family.

"I will forever be singing that song because God will take you through the fire not for you to burn, but for you to gain extra strength. Also, there is this popularly scripture which is my mantra: I can do all things though Christ who strengthens me. If it wasn't for God I could have been elsewhere. I'm now a missionary and serve in many ministry roles. God has been allowing me to experience many things!" Boothe said.