Sun | Nov 29, 2020

Clarendon cops issue scamming warning

Published:Saturday | August 18, 2018 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston
Cameron Powell

The Clarendon police are urging persons to be aware of scammers who are operating out of the Exeter, Milk River, Race Course and Lionel Town areas of the parish.

Head of the Clarendon police Senior Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron Powell, says these scammers are calling persons at random, telling them that a quantity of cocaine has washed ashore and is being sold cheaply.

"There is no drugs," declared Cameron Powell as she urged persons not to be lured by the scammers.

She said the situation was forcefully highlighted last Thursday when two men from Georges Valley in Manchester were told that they could get cocaine to buy.

The transaction was done with the scammers being paid $100,000. The con men then turned their guns on the buyers shooting them before escaping with the money.

On the men, Mark Campbell, was fatally shot while the other man is nursing gunshot wounds.

Cameron Powell said during an interview with the injured man details of the scam were revealed.

She said the police are aware that several other persons have been scammed but they have not reported it, and the details of the latest incident were only revealed because gunplay and death were involved.

According to Cameron Powell, the police are now trying to identify and apprehend the scammers.