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Steve Lyston | Hope after job loss

Published:Monday | August 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM

With the uncertainty existing in the job market today in both the public and private sectors, as a result of divestment, redundancies and firings, it is not easy for many to handle. Some fall into depression and a downward spiral. Losing a job is not easy. For many, it is almost as difficult as losing a relative, particularly when they have been with the organisation for a long time. Oftentimes, the organisation is like a family member to them. For some, they have never worked anywhere else.

Oftentimes, their reflections bring about regrets and anger, particularly when they think about how they were treated after the many sacrifices they had made for and in the organisation. It becomes even more painful when the persons don't have enough savings to pay their bills and mortgage, and they are the only ones working in their family.

Suddenly they begin to experience the flipside of family members who would check up on them or come around when they were working. Friends at the workplace no longer stay in touch, and reality sets in. They may even feel like a fish out of water.


There is hope


Always remember that life does not end when one door closes. It is the beginning of new opportunities, new challenges and new experiences.

What hinders us at times is our mind. We must be willing to renew our minds to embrace new possibilities.

For example, those in the security field - you may be an officer who would wield power and then retirement or dismissal steps in suddenly. The first fear to step in is "How do I fit into the civilian life?" But there are new possibilities to which you must be willing to fit into. Remember: God is your source, not man. Seek God regarding what area(s) your calling will take you into.


Be open to changing career paths


If you are married, speak to your spouse and pray together about the next move (there is power in agreement).

Don't reject the possibility of relocation. Sometimes you have to start over.

You have always had gifts, talents and skills within you to come to the fore and God always has a place for them to be used (sustenance).

Everything you want in life is always either at a place (a geographical location) or with a person, and there are always instructions to be followed.

What if God wants you to start your own business/firm. Remember, you are qualified; don't allow fear to stop you. Write down your vision and move by faith.


Keep yourself occupied


Stay occupied. Volunteer. The key is what you do with your spare time when you are not working (Matthew 6: 33).

Instead of falling into depression, utilise what you have. For example, if you have an extra bedroom, fix it up and maybe advertise or rent it through Airbnb.

Always treat your customers well because you never know who can help you when you are out of a job.

Show mercy and compassion in all circumstances, so that even in your absence, good can be said about you.


Waiting is not wasting time


Always remember, the waiting period is not wasting period. Patience will give you wisdom, understanding and knowledge. It reveals true friends, fake friends and hidden motives of the heart.

Don't stop writing rÈsumÈs, keep sending them out by faith.

Never sacrifice going to the House of the Lord and your spiritual growth for work. If you do, there will be regrets. Remember, no job is safe; both you and the job are replaceable.

Learn one thing from our politicians - they make friends with everyone in the event that they will no longer be in power.

Never use your present, temporary circumstances to make permanent decisions.

Regardless of the current situation, rise up and walk into your new position. Keep your mind focused and positive. Your present circumstances do not determine your worth or value.

Never let your age stop you. You have the capacity to achieve even more - now you will see how much more you can accomplish.

Stop worrying about who set you up to lose your job, or how they let you go. Forgive them, move on and look towards the bright future ahead of you.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.