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LASCO brands join forces with We Inspire to uplift Jamaican women

Published:Tuesday | August 21, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Michelle Brown-Sinclair, J. Wray and Nephew commercial director for Jamaica and the Caribbean.

In grand fashion, the We Inspire 'Queendom' gathered on the lawns of The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston, last week to launch the third consecutive year for the We Inspire Women workshop and brunch.

Representing LASCO Curves, LASCO Oral Care, LASCO Nutrify, LASCO LaSoy, iCool and LASCO Distributed Jamaica Mountain Peak, LASCO Oral Care Brand Manager Nicole Masters was elated to contribute to the movement's vision and mandate.

"We are delighted to be aligned with and granted the opportunity, once again, to support this powerful movement and experience. At LASCO, we value the female mind, the female spirit and [are] actively engaging in lifting other females up," she said.

Her words echoed sentiments shared by the keynote speaker and commercial director at J. Wray & Nephew for Jamaica and the Caribbean, Michelle Brown-Sinclair. Drawing on the words of Dale Carnegie, she reminded patrons that it is important to step beyond one's self in order to be an impactful part of the process of female growth and success.

"Let us start to become interested in the women around us, let us start seeing how we can help them, and let us start pouring into them wisdom and aid. This is truly how we're going to grow this queendom," Brown-Sinclair said.

Reflecting on the mandate of the movement, the launch addressed an important area of career-building networking. In today's society, networking is an essential component in seeking new business, new talent, a new job, or simply keeping in the know. It is an invaluable tool.

Michelle Brown-Sinclair gave a detailed breakdown of the necessity of networking and being aware of your net worth. She highlighted three key aspects. The first aspect she described was staying true to yourself. She reminded patrons that everyone has a unique way of functioning in the work environment; what others may see as bad habit may be stimulus for an individual's brainstorming process.




"I cannot assume someone else's version of me. I cannot assume someone else's version of my role. Continue to double down on who you are. Do not change who you are, but add into your network some people who can complement where you have a weakness," she said.

The second area highlighted was the importance of mentorship during career building. She urged women to seek out strong mentors and senior leaders who are able to coach and guide them to their goals and beyond. The last aspect she shared was the importance of stepping out of comfort zones.

"Even where you feel you may not be qualified, step out of your comfort zone. Many times as women, we wait until we are qualified because we want to be so good that they can't challenge us. We are not going to wait until we are ready. We are going to be stepping out of our comfort zone, even when we are not ready," she said.