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Shambraé Robb carrying the Lord’s mantle

Published:Saturday | August 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMShanna kaye Monteith/ Gleaner Writer
Reverend and Prophetess, 20-year-old Robb.
Shambraé Robb

When she was only 15 years old, Shambrae Robb was asked to bring greetings to the church in a service where her father, who is a pastor, was scheduled to preach.

But, as the Holy Spirit would have it, the young teen was overcome by the anointing and what set out to be a simple greeting transformed into the message for the day.

Today, five years later and with the honourable titles of Reverend and Prophetess, 20-year-old Robb continues to carry the mantle of the Lord wherever she goes.

"Ministry has been a big part of my life since then. I never expected to be where I am today, but God has a way of manoeuvring our lives and setting us up for the future that He has planned for us, so I'm glad I submitted to His will and did what He has called me to do," she said.


A Vision


The preacher told Family & Religion about a ministry endeavour that was brought before her in a vision and later manifested.

"The GIFTED (glory, impartation, fire, teaching, edification and demonstration) Network is an international movement that seeks to build a community of anointed young world changers. GIFTED provides a space where barriers of culture, tradition, and denomination can be broken, and people can learn, grow, and achieve together. GIFTED trains, equips, and empowers this generation to establish the Kingdom of God in the earth.

"We exist to help people realise their spiritual gifts and utilise them not only in the ecclesiastical context but in the global context as well," Robb, who is currently pursuing a degree in medicine said, noting her belief that the gifts of the spirit are not only for church but are applicable in boardrooms, hospitals, media, entertainment and all aspects of life.

The young reverend explained that The GIFTED Network helps people to pursue their God-given destiny through teaching, training, and mentorship.

According to her: "We carry a strong mantle for revival and prophetic impartation. We seek to equip men and women to carry God's glory and impact change in their churches and communities."

Robb, who is from Maryland, USA, recently wrapped up an evangelical mission here in Jamaica, her parents' birthplace.

The Island iSAW (Signs and Wonders) tour was borne out of the GIFTED Network.

"We have visited four different churches and have ministered at six different services. The focus of the tour has been the miracles, signs, and wonders of God. I walk in the office of the Prophet, so I've also been releasing prophetic words over people's lives as well. We have seen miracles, divine healing, deliverance, salvations and supernatural moves of the Holy Ghost. This tour was about demonstrating the power of God in the island, as well as introducing people to the supernatural side of God," she said.

Snippets of her deliveries can be found on her Facebook page.

The woman of God told Family & Religion that the Island iSAW tour only came to Jamaica this summer but there are plans to visit and minister in other countries in the coming years.

According to her: "I'm also planning on hosting a prophetic conference in Jamaica as well. Being of Jamaican descent as well as a naturalised Jamaican, I've always had a passion for my heritage. While in prayer, the Lord revealed to me that Jamaica's future was on His heart and He gave me this passion to see the kingdom of God advance in the island and expand for His glory."