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Bishop urges more than 'nine-day wonder' response to teen's murder

Published:Tuesday | August 28, 2018 | 12:14 AMPaul Clarke/Gleaner Writer
Bishop Brian Cameron, from the Spiritual Christian Revivalist Council of Churches, took to the streets yesterday to protest the killings of the nation’s children. Cameron said he is tired of the rape and killing of our young girls and that it should come to a stop with the help of everyone.

The horrific rape and murder of 14-year-old Yetanya 'Princess' Francis in Arnett Gardens, St Andrew, last week captivated the nation, but founder of the Spiritual Revivalist Council of Churches Bishop Brian Cameron fears that the outcry, like others before, will again be short-lived.

With this in mind, Cameron has taken to the streets in a one-man crusade with placards in hand, intending to make a statement and to keep Yetanya's story alive.

"We know how things are in this country. Everything is a nine-day wonder, and then it's forgotten. I am here standing physically alone this morning in support of the families of those children who have been murdered over the years - in support of Yetanya Francis because enough is enough," Cameron said.

Standing in silent protest at the corner of East and North street, placard held aloft, Cameron explained his anguish.

"I cannot continue as a minister, as a human being, as a person in this country to know that our children are being murdered. They are being shown no mercy. They are taking away our innocent ones. God is not pleased," he said.




"They were children who were never charged for guns. They have not been committing the crimes in the country, yet they are vulnerable and seem to be taken for granted and are being attacked by some heartless and worthless animals disguised as men who rape and slaughter them," said Cameron.

Francis, a student at the Kingston Technical High School, was killed and her body burnt in an open lot in Arnett Gardens. Her killers allegedly raped her, chopped her in the head, and then set her body on fire.

Francis' barbaric killing was enough to spur Cameron into action, and he is hoping that his stance will also become a catalyst for society to collectively act against the criminals.

"I am begging the mothers, the sisters, the lovers of these men who wantonly murder and rape to give them over to the police. Our nation is desperately in need of a change. These cannot be allowed to continue.

"Where is the society's voice in this? The nation as a whole should be outraged. So many children die in this manner before, and while I hear the prime minister and a few others condemning the act. We have become a people without sensibilities. We are callous and cold," he said.