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Husband says he’ll do anything for his wife’s well-being

Published:Thursday | August 30, 2018 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
The Spencers
Christopher Spencer, and wife,Yanique Hamilton-Spencer.

Kendal, Manchester:

It wasn't strange how Yanique Hamilton-Spencer and Christopher Spencer met back in 2010, but what makes their story beautiful is how the love between them developed, even when distance and time stood in the middle.

For years, Yanique has been an epileptic patient, experiencing quite a few seizures and dizzy spells. However, she was fortunate to have met a friend who always looked out for her and loved her enough to make her his wife.

"I wasn't born with this; I actually developed this a short while after starting university - it was a stressful time for me. I have done quite a few CT scans and been to the neurologist, but the tests say there is nothing wrong with my brain."

Yanique, while at university, travelled to the Kendal Seventh-day Adventist Church one Sabbath with some friends, and it was there that she met her husband.

Her visits to the church increased, and Christopher soon became the consummate friend who would not only engage her in conversations and put a smile on her face, but was also the one who ran to her side whenever she had a seizure.

"I was one of the few persons who knew what to do when she had an attack at church - put her on her side, calm her, and make sure everything was good with her," said Christopher.




Due to some challenges, Yanique had to go back home to St Thomas. She didn't just leave the parish, but she left behind a man she had no idea she would see again.

"For years, our communication was broken, and it wasn't until one day when I went on Facebook that we were reconnected. Whatever we had together grew stronger after that. She was a tower of strength for me when my mom died, and it was shortly after losing my mom that I proposed to her," Christopher added.

"My husband is always by my side, always encouraging me and reminding me to take my medication on time. Stress is one of the triggers that can lead to an attack, and so he is always there to make sure I'm not worrying over anything," Yanique chimed in.

She recounted a time when school was on break and she went home to St Thomas and had a seizure in the kitchen, with no one to come to her rescue.

"My grandmother was home, but she wasn't nearby. That seizure has caused a gap between my teeth and a slight change in how my top lip is formed, and when I told my husband of this - of course, this was before we got married - it is almost as if he wished he was there for me, all the time."

Christopher said that, at times, life for them was difficult, for example, when he had to take his wife to the hospital often and spend long hours there, but it was never a reason to leave her.

In fact, he wants so badly to ensure that his wife is always in good health, that he is now planning to host a fun day that will secure funding for her medication and other medical expenses.




"I want to say a big thank you to my church family. They once had an anointing service for my wife, and since then, her attacks have been reduced and I tend to worry a little less when she is to go on the road by herself. But I still have to ensure that she always has her medication - she can't run out - and this fundraiser will help us achieve that. Just one of her medications can cost her $5,000 for a month's supply, with a health card, and consultation visits to the neurologist have run her $20,000 per visit in the past."

Christopher said that the fun day would be held at the Kendal Community Centre on Monday, October 15, 2018, starting at 9 a.m. and goes until 8 p.m. There will be activities for the kids and adults, including a cricket match in the morning and a football match in the afternoon. Refreshments will be on sale.

"I get so excited when I start to tell people about my husband and how humble and caring he is. God really made him for me, and when I look back at where we are coming from - friendship first - I can't help but thank God."

Having just celebrated their first anniversary, the Spencers are looking forward to many more years together, many more at-home cooking competitions to determine who the better chef is, and being able to complete their own home and move in by early next year to officially start a family.