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Buchanan confirms he wants to lead PNP team in Central Kingston

Published:Monday | September 3, 2018 | 12:00 AMRomario Scott/Gleaner Writer

Paul Buchanan, the man at the centre of growing controversy in the People's National Party's (PNP) organisation in Central Kingston, has rejected claims that he is plotting to overthrow the sitting member of parliament (MP) for the constituency, Ronald Thwaites.

According to Buchanan, there has been no coup, nor has there been any plot to overthrow Thwaites, but he has made it clear that he wants to represent the PNP in the constituency.

"Ronald Thwaites is not the chairman of Central Kingston. The chairman is Joseph Knight. Nobody is trying to replace Ronald Thwaites. That would be the heights of stupidity," Buchanan told The Gleaner as he pointed out that Thwaites has less than three years more in his latest term as MP.

Buchanan said having grown up in the area, he has always wanted to contribute in a meaningful way to its development, but Thwaites has continued to shut him out of the executive of the constituency, even though he has made several requests to be included.

The former PNP representative in St Andrew West Rural, said he has watched Kingston Central deteriorate badly and now it is in need of renewal.




"He has been in the constituency for about 20-odd years. We have to do better. The truth of the matter is the area begs for urban renewal," said Buchanan.

He charged that the leadership of the constituency is using tactics to undermine the political will of the Comrades.

"Ronnie challenged a sitting chairman (Victor Cummings) using the constitutional process that has been laid down by our founding fathers. Is he beyond a challenge? But you can't have year after year, for the past three years, various tactics being used to bypass and to undermine the democratic will of the people in Central Kingston," said Buchanan.

"You need a jobs programme; you need an urban renewal programme; you need a serious IT programme; you need a sports programme; and you need an educational development programme ... . Those are the five things needed in central Kingston right now," added Buchanan.

Comrades in the constituency have been on edge since last week when news broke that Buchanan is moving to replace Thwaites as the party's representative in the constituency.