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Craytos to launch ride-scheduling and package delivery service app

Published:Friday | September 7, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Jamaican tech startup Craytos Technology Services Ltd has announced that it will debut the first ride-scheduling and delivery service app in Jamaica, named Lymousine, this month.

Lymousine was launched in the United States earlier this year. Craytos is a subsidiary of tech startup Zyleck technologies, an America-based tech company founded by Jamaican native Dr Michael Treasure.

According to Craytos Chief Executive Officer Keith Dixon, Lymousine uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to create a transport network company (TNC) model that has proven to be up to 50 per cent more efficient than other TNC models used by the competition.

Lymousine's model has proven to be the most efficient, on-demand vehicle utilisation which guarantees increased driver revenue with less wait times and less miles without a rider on board. The result: more money, less wait time, and less miles driving around.




Craytos is currently inviting customers to have an early preview of its new service. The company is actively recruiting a limited number of regulated public-passenger vehicle (PPV) drivers on a first-come, first-serve basis for its upcoming pilot.

The company will be offering a 20 per cent discount for the first 1,000 riders who download the app and take their first ride with Lymousine. To sign up for the pilot, send an email to with your name and local Jamaican mobile number.

Riders in Jamaica will be able to download the Lymousine App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, then register and schedule rides months, weeks, days, or as little as half an hour in advance. Businesses, hotels, and travel agents will be able to use Lymousine's ride-booking business portal to book rides for their employees and/or guests. The services will be available across Jamaica, while being competitively priced.

"Our strategy involves working with existing PPV licensed operators, who will be screened for added security for our customers. They, in turn, will provide on-demand transportation mobility services using the Lymousine app to provide a more cost-effective and efficient way of matching riders/delivery scheduling and drivers in the marketplace," Dixon said.

Lymousine's package-delivery services are aimed at providing same-day deliveries - some in as little as two hours - plus end-to-end package tracking. This will allow customers, merchants, and shippers to see, in real time, the location of shipped packages on their mobile devices or computer workstations.