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Nutrify Fit Fab Soiree inspires healthy lifestyle among women

Published:Friday | September 7, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Fitness instructor David Griffiths (second from left) assists participant Sewane Walcott through an aerobic routine during the Nutrify Fit Fab Soirée session recently at the JMMB headquarters, St Andrew. Also pictured are Nutrify brand manager Kari Steele (left) and LASCO Distributors Limited brand manager Nicole Masters.

Conceptualiser of the Fit Fab Soiree Cortia Bingham McKenzie is reporting a successful execution of the three events, aimed at promoting health and healthy lifestyle, ahead of the We Inspire Women Workshop and Brunch.

Approximately 120 women attended the health-and-wellness events, with the last hurrah held on August 18 at the Jamaica Money Market Brokers Group's headquarters, St Andrew.

The Nutrify Fit Fab Soiree features an hour of cardio exercises led by Ultimate fitness trainer David Griffiths and 30 minutes of health-and-wellness activities, including nutritionist consultation and blood pressure, weight, body, height, and body mass index (BMI) checks.

"We have seen the transformation in the bodies, the lifestyles, because once the ladies have done their tests, their BMI, and get their consultations with the nutritionist, they make the necessary changes in their diet to increase physical activity and ensure that their bodies are being transformed and their lifestyles are congruent with what they desire to achieve overall," Bingham McKenzie said.

Fit Fab participants are also treated to a LASCO breakfast, LASCO Nutrify shakes, LASCO iCool, Elle and Vire Yogurt, Foska Oats, Salada Foods, and Jamaica Mountain Peak Coffee while discussing programmes and activities to undertake to achieve their individual fitness goals.

Bingham McKenzie said that the event is geared towards helping women get their "minds and bodies right".

"We believe that wellness is all-encompassing, so therefore, we should have a mind that is well and stable and fertile ground for success. So, the Fit Fab is getting the bodies ready for the event, which works on the mind, so we ensure that the body, the vessel, is healthy, so that our vessel can carry though the work that our minds desire," Bingham McKenzie said.