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'The hand of God moulded our relationship'

Published:Wednesday | September 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM
The happy couple, Anil and Tori Daley.
Anil and Tori Daley
Anil and Tori Daley to describe their union that was seemingly set in stone by God Himself.

A divine appointment is the term used by Anil and Tori Daley to describe their union that was seemingly set in stone by God Himself.

The two told Family & Religion that they met in 2010 at a youth camp when Tori, who lived in Florida at the time, visited Jamaica with her youth group.

Anil was instantly and pleasantly stricken.

"Apart from the fact that her beauty dazzled me, I noticed that there were so many other things I admired about her and that list got longer as the days of camp went by. On the last night of that week, I met up with her in the playground and I told her one thing, 'If I could, I would choose you to be mine because everything about you just seems right'. I significantly remember the next day I looked at the bus as it drove away to the airport, and said to my friend, 'Timroy, she's one girl I'd put a ring on right now'," he recalled.

Admitting the cliche of it all, the man in love explained that he felt as if he had met his soulmate based on his genuine connection with Tori during their first few days around each other.

According to the professional musician: "I would play drums at camp and she would sit in the front seat and we'd stare into each other's eyes unnoticeable."


'Fine piece of specimen'


Equally immediately dazzled by this 'fine piece of specimen' as Tori described the man to whom she'd some seven years later, be betrothed, then wedded, the young woman said she remembers being mesmerised by his drumming skills, which still amazes her today.

"I would secretly stare at him until he would catch me and I would quickly turn away and vice versa. Our stares sprouted into smiles, blushes, and winks. At the end of camp, Anil expressed his interest in continuing a friendship. At that moment, I knew there was something different about him.

"I can't pinpoint one specific instance and say that is when I knew Anil was the one for me. But the more I saw the hand of God subtly moulding our relationship into a beautiful love story, it became more evident to me. As I unravelled the many layers of Anil, I discovered friendship, laughter, compassion, romance, a leader and the heart of God," she said, adding that those were the qualities she desired in a companion and later in her husband.

The two told Family & Religion that the friendship developed when Tori returned to Florida. Text messages became phone calls and later video chats until both were back and forth each other's countries, staying at church folks' homes so they could meet up and spend time together, all while questioning themselves - 'Is this the person for me?'.

Then it was time to face the Ultimate Judge.

"We were afraid of asking God because we feared getting an unfavourable answer and we were already cocooned in our love. Nevertheless, we asked God for His confirmation. We prayed daily and we waited for what seemed an eternity.

Until, one year at camp, four years into our relationship, a guest pastor randomly called both of us to the altar, he prayed for us and stated 'God, we thank You for Your stamp of approval on this relationship', an event that shocked them both.

The rest was a combination of Will you, Yes, I dos and promises of forever.




It has been a little over two months since the Daleys sealed the deal to a lifetime of happiness, and they both admit that the unique things about their union are the various coincidences or what they call 'divine appointments'.

They explained that Anil has had numerous prophecies over his life that he would be travelling and playing music and his ministry would not be confined to the borders of Jamaica.

Tori sings and Anil plays.

"Once we started to plan events at churches in the USA, we started to recognise the divine appointment of our union. Also, our union has birthed Tori's charity, Operation Education Jamaica. She shared her dream of donating backpacks and school supplies to children in various communities in Jamaica. I would take care of the groundwork in Jamaica, while Tori gathered supplies and funds in Florida," said a proud and happy husband, adding that their love for each other is endless. He said that they are overwhelmed with happiness and grateful that their union has been a divine appointment to open doors for those they can reach.