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PNPYO president accuses gov't of plagiarising PNP policies

Published:Sunday | September 9, 2018 | 12:00 AM
President of the People's National Party Youth Orgnanisation (PNPYO) Krystal Tomlinson speaking earlier this evening at a constituency rally in East Central St Andrew.

Romario Scott, Gleaner Writer

Krystal Tomlinson, the president of the People's National Party Youth Organisation (PNPYO), has accused the Andrew Holness administration of copying the policies of her party.

"The kind of government we have right now is a modelling government. PNP left some nice policies in there and dem just put on the policies and a model with them out a road and that cannot work," Tomlinson said at a PNP conference at the Tarrant High School in East Central St Andrew earlier this evening.

"What it means is that they don't know how to structure an economy or strucure a society that will help the poorest among us," she added.

She told Comrades that the PNP must get ready to be returned to government.

"Because as it stands right now Comrades, it just can't work," she said.

Tomlinson reiterated concerns about the capacity of the government to improve the economy.

"The kind of governmemt we have now is a fix road government and Jamaica has been asking for a fix economy government and dem nuh ready fi that yet," she said.

The finance minister has said the Government is ahead of its capital expenditure budget by five per cent for the first four months of the financial year.