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Bishop marks 40th wedding anniversary with release of books

Published:Monday | September 10, 2018 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston/Gleaner Writer
Bishop William Hutchinson and wife, Arlene, at his book launch held on September 1.

After 40 years of being happily married and performing more than 300 wedding ceremonies, Bishop William Hutchinson has chronicled his life's experiences in two books - Autobiography and Pictorial of a Fulfilled Life and A Unique Passion For A Healthy Marriage.

The first sees him sharing his life story, which includes his struggle with stuttering and being called into the ministry.

At the launch, held on Saturday, September 1 at the Bustamante Church of God of Prophecy, Hutchinson shared how he struggled with the call of God on his life to enter the preaching ministry.

He said he resisted the calling, arguing with God that he couldn't speak properly, so how was he supposed to preach.

He also opened up about how he met his wife, Arlene, more than 40 years ago on an intended trip to Kingston to seek work. He overnighted in May Pen ... fast-forward to 2018 and he is yet to find employment in Kingston or leave the Clarendon capital.




Expanding on his second book, A Unique Passion For A Healthy Marriage, Hutchinson said too many marriages are falling apart when they don't have to, and the main reason he attributed to this is the fact that they have not taken enough time to know about the institution they are entering.

"There are many theories that are not standing up with the true theological teachings. Many persons have been misled with the wrong concept and end up being separated and divorced when they didn't have to do that," he said, adding that they should make every effort to seek help and ensure it is sought in all the right places.

For those who read his book, which offers some insight and goes in-depth into making the union thrive and survive, Hutchinson said what he would most want them to take away from the experience is that marriage was meant to be permanent - the way God designed it, the way it should be and can be.

"But first, forgiveness and healing must take place," he said.

Hutchinson, who is the overseer for Clarendon South Church of God of Prophecy churches, as well as a licensed marriage officer, said the book is in honour of the significant milestone in his own marriage.