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Diary of the Ghetto Priest | Child abuse and abortion

Published:Friday | September 14, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Thank God for being alive.

The worst child abuse is abortion, perpetrated by the mother. I've watched the videos of the scissors clipping the neck of the baby, cutting off the hands and the feet, the baby squirming, protesting the sharp object that would dismember the head, the hands and the feet, the baby not wanting to die, but trapped in the womb, it succumbs to the weapon that has searched for and killed it. How awful! And our nation would legalise it? A mother murdering her own child? Is this human rights? Is it a right for a mother to kill the child of her womb? A defenceless little baby who is most protected in the womb, nursed in the womb, and warmed and fed and totally dependent on dearest mother? Then, there is the matter of legalising it.

There is one matter of abortion happening. It's another matter to say it is legal, it is right, it is respectable under the law, the court of law of a nation! Isn't the legalising of it the worst of barbaric acts, the most tender of human acts: a mother giving birth to her child?

Here in Jamaica, it is being promoted - a mother aborting a child. It is the mother's right? There are all sorts of child abuse. But the worst kind is a mother's abortion of her child. Please give your children to us. Do not take the life of your child. How can a mother murdering her child be promoted, while it destroys the most tender of human relationships? How can a mother buy the services of a doctor to snuff out the life of a child in her womb, so tenderly cradled in her own very self?

"It is my child, it is my flesh. I can kill it if I want."

There are so many mothers who our Missionaries of the Poor sisters have cared for or counselled (Tel: 876-967-1530 / 876-858-1429). The mothers are torn apart within after they have aborted. They know instinctively that they have committed a crime against their most beloved of relations, their own child of their flesh.

I look at all the kids whom we have, hundreds of little kids. Some have Down's Syndrome, some are crippled. Some are hydrocephalic. The brothers and sisters are like mothers and brothers or sisters to them. They are so happy to be held or touched; they are so happy to laugh, to play, to be wiped, to be kissed.

It is a major source of joy for them. Now, they are killed when detected in the womb. They are regarded as not normal. Who are we are to say they are not normal? What if you had Down's Syndrome? Would you want to be killed as a baby in the womb? God help us!