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Governor's Pen residents express fear over road breakaway

Published:Thursday | September 20, 2018 | 12:00 AMCarl Gilchrist/Gleaner Writer
The breakaway along the road in Governor’s Pen. The collapsed wall can be seen in the gully at left.
A car makes its way along the roadway.


The recurring breakaway of a road in the community of Governor's Pen in St Mary is continuing to infuriate residents and motorists alike and with the country in the middle of the hurricane season, some are expressing fear that the road may soon become impassable.

Residents say after being fixed earlier this year, the road, which appears to be undermined by nearby streams, suffered another massive slippage. Huge cracks have also appeared in other sections of the road near the breakaway.

Currently, the road is open, but has been reduced to one lane, which lies several feet below the original surface.

The breakaway has been the scene of several accidents, the latest coming in April when a truck reportedly overturned into the ravine.

"Right now, if we get a good shower a rain, wi cyaa pass because it a guh sink again," a taxi driver lamented.

"A long, long time it stay suh," a woman told The Gleaner. "'Bruk Weh' dem call it because it always a bruk weh because water underneath it."




She said the road, which is the main thoroughfare linking Gayle to Ocho Rios, has been problematic for years and breaks away frequently.

"Dem only wasting taxpayers' money. What we need is a bridge. We need some engineer fi come dig out whatever, or put a bridge," she said.

Information reaching The Gleaner is that plans are being drafted to cut a new road, but a delay in acquiring the lands is hampering the process.

Efforts to get a comment from the National Works Agency were unsuccessful.