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Let there be light! - Enfield residents to get electricity

Published:Saturday | September 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis/Gleaner Writer
Dr Norman Dunn


For more than 20 years, residents in Enfield, St Mary, have been without consistent electrical power, a situation that has exposed them to criminal elements, especially at nights. However, thanks to a partnership agreement, that is about to change.

The move to assist the more than 300 residents at Enfield with electricity was as a result of a public-private partnership between the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) and member of parliament (MP) for South East St Mary, Dr Norman Dunn, who collaborated to see how best power can be provided to the constituents.

But despite the commitment given by both parties, residents were pessimistic, as they had for a number of years been fed with broken promises by the political directorate.

"I just can't believe that electrical power will be at Enfield," said 74-year-old retired teacher Valarie Higgins.

She continued: "There was a little electricity in Enfield some time ago, but this was as a result of a connection from an adjoining community. Only a minority had access. What I am seeing now is a welcome sight, as JPS has put in light poles and wires throughout the community. I am dying to say goodbye to the dark ages and welcome the light. Those who operate under the cover of darkness will have to take their operation elsewhere."

A number of criminal activities, including murder, rape, and armed robbery, have been committed in that community by thugs, who carry out their illicit operation at night, while creating fear in the heart of many.




Dunn told The Gleaner on Thursday that he is indebted to JPS for its quick response and action, noting that the safety and security of residents is paramount.

"Residents will be able to move about more freely at nights. Every resident will have an opportunity to have electrical power in the home. I gave a commitment during the by-election that I will ensure that electricity will be made available throughout Enfield, and this is a promise made and promise kept. Students will be able to study at nights and streetlights will outshine the darkness. The residents have been patient and this is their reward."