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Little People Big Moves: Leyla-Kate Facey loves a challenge

Published:Saturday | September 22, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Leyla-Kate Facey, the nine-year-old who likes challenges.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

She loves a challenge, and even more so, conquering those challenges. Meet nine-year-old Leyla-Kate Facey, who many believe is truly nine going on 19 because of her ability to speak her mind and respectfully call anybody out on their wrongs.

When asked what the most challenging thing for her in life has been, Leyla-Kate jovially, yet truthfully, responded, "Getting up early for school."

"No, seriously, it really is a challenge, but I have learned to deal with that challenge by doing things ahead of time. So, I prepare for the day ahead from the night before, and that gives me a little bit more time in bed in the mornings," Leyla-Kate told The Gleaner.

She will have you in stitches if she is comfortable around you, giving you reasons to burst out in laughter more times than you can manage.

"That's because I'm crazy, loyal, very important, and oh yes, I'm annoying," she said, flashing her hair and making her pride for such traits known.

"I actually like being annoying, that's my job. When I grow up, I think I may become an 'annoyer'... just kidding ... . Seriously, I want to be a paediatrician and a pilot. And I know you are wondering how I will be able to do both, but anything you think you can do, you can do," said Leyla-Kate.

She isn't all giggles and jokes, though, as upon mention of some societal problems, her countenance will immediately change.

"I don't like hearing of child abuse and seeing homeless people, it makes me sad. When I see the people on the streets, all I can think about is that they aren't safe and that they may die or starve. My mother always gives them food, but it's something I want to start doing, and the reason why I haven't already started is not because I am afraid of them, because I know not all homeless people are mad."

She added: "I remember when I saw the news with the lady beating her six-year-old because she was supposedly talking in class, and I didn't like that at all, it made me sad and maybe if I were in her (child's) position, I would run away."

When asked what she would do if she was in a position to make a change at the policy level she said:

"Man, I would lock schools and build candy and toy stores everywhere, and oh yes, supermarkets, because I like food. I'm just joking. One thing that I would change is how the law deals with criminals. I would bring back the death penalty. If they did something really bad, they should get it, even that man that chopped the girl and put her in the igloo. I mean, how do you do that? I say bring it back."

Acknowledging that there are things happening in the country that she loves and admires, Leyla-Kate said that the rich culture here is something she would definitely preserve.

"I love our culture and our language, and that's something I never want to change."

Leyla told The Gleaner that she is driven by her mother, father, sister, aunts, and simply anyone who pushes her to do her best at all times.

"I feel strong when I do well, I feel good. But when I do badly, it's not a good feeling, so I have to continue to make me proud and my parents proud. It's all about working and keeping strong."