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Court grants subpoenas for Daryl Vaz, Peter Knight, Danville Walker in bird hunting case

Published:Tuesday | September 25, 2018 | 10:29 AM
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Minister with responsibility for Environment Daryl Vaz, Chief Executive Officer of National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) Peter Knight and the agency's Chairman Danville Walker are to be subpoenaed before the St Elizabeth Parish Court in a case involving six game hunters.

The order for the subpoenas was granted yesterday by parish judge Ann-Marie Lawrence Grainger following by an application by attorney K.D. Knight, QC.

Tyrone Moo-Pen, Troy Moo-Pen, Winston Moo-Pen, Gregory Micheal Lee, Emmanuel Larmond and Kyle Ramsay are being accused of hunting in a game reserve in St Elizabeth in August.

They are contending that there was no posted signs indicating that the area was a reserve and are accusing Vaz, Knight, and Walker of neglect.

The court was told that members of the St Elizabeth Police and personnel from NEPA were on a routine inspection of game bird hunters on August 18 in the Breas River/Elim area when the six were seen hunting in a game reserve sanctuary.

The court was also told that when the men were accosted by the team of officers they were in the process of picking and cleaning the hunted birds.

The six were arrested and taken to the Santa Cruz police station along with the birds in their possession where they were charged with hunting in a reserve sanctuary.

K.D Knight, in court yesterday, said his client Tyrone Moo Pen, when cautioned by the police, indicated that he has been hunting in the area for over ten years and that it was the first time that he was being informed that the area is a game reserve.

K.D Knight further told the court that he also indicated to the officers that he was being arrested because he is Chinese.

The attorney also stated that the area where the men were held had no signs to indicate that it was a reserve sanctuary.

Despite his insistence that there were no proper indications and based on an admission from NEPA that there were no signs, the parish judge ruled that the accused men have a case to answer.

K.D Knight requested that he be served with documents in the case by no later October 31.

The men's bails were extended and the investigating officers in the case have until the end of the week to complete the case file.

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