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Tajari’s triumph - Growing where he was planted at Tarrant

Published:Friday | October 5, 2018 | 12:00 AMCarlene Davis
Tajari Walden

When he did his Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) in 2013 and was placed at Tarrant High School, Tajari Walden immediately wanted a transfer.

He was one of 240 students who were placed at Tarrant based on their performance in the GSAT that year, and one of the 140 who actually attended the school.

The other 100 students were transferred to other schools by their parents before the first day of classes.

Today, Tajari is the deputy head boy at Tarrant and gunning to become the school's next head boy.

"Yes, I wanted to change. From primary school I had family members going to a particular school and so I wanted to go to that school.

"I did GSAT and pass for Tarrant, so I said that it doesn't matter which school you go, as long as you go there and work towards what you want you will achieve it," Tajari told The Sunday Gleaner.

"You might have a bad idea about Tarrant, but then again, if you come and experience it, you will have a different mindset, and once you come and set your mind on your goal for what you want, you will achieve it," added 18-year-old Tajari, who wants to become an officer in the army.

Tajari has already passed eight CSEC subjects and is doing five CAPE along with his skill area (office skills).

He is also a part of the uniform group at Tarrant and represented the school in Barbados this year after coming first in the island in field craft in cadet inspection.