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Boundbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church takes to the streets

Published:Thursday | October 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis Sr/Gleaner Writer
Members of the Boundbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church hand out tracts and pamphlets, while speaking to residents.
Members of Boundbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church during a street meeting,

Port Antonio, Portland:

With the conviction that the coming of Jesus Christ is near, members of the Boundbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church in Portland have been spreading the Gospel along the streets of Port Antonio as part of a last-ditch attempt to save lost souls.

The Sabbath-keeping church family, with its motivational elder and personal ministries director, Ronald Miller, has been making frequent calls at the doors of residents, while engaging in street meetings, to spread the message about Jesus' saving grace.

"If there is a time to worship Jesus more than ever, it is now," commented Miller.

He continued: "The signs are quite visible, and with the frequent news of earthquakes in varied places worldwide, it is, in fact, the signs of the time that our judgement is near. The level of crime and violence taking place at this time is unprecedented. And we have adopted many selfish ways, to the extent that we are murdering women and children. The love of many has waxed cold."


Emphasis on Love


According to Miller, instructions given to each church member are quite clear that the emphasis should be placed directly on love. He noted that love conquers all and that with love, the population will display a more caring attitude towards one another.

On most Sabbath afternoons, church members, including children, can be seen walking the streets of Boundbrook, Bryans Bay, West Street, and Halls Avenue handing out tracts while conducting Bible study. The presence of the Adventists on the streets continues to attract a wide audience, as even taxi operators, in some instances, can be seen parked along the roadways listening to the preaching.

Miller, who considers himself lucky to know the Man King Jesus, is urging persons to accept Christianity, which allows for all to follow in the footsteps and teachings of the son of Jehovah God.

Continuing, Miller said: "We have to ensure that everyone is given an equal opportunity to change their lives from sin to righteousness. The truth of the matter is that if everyone observes the teachings of the Bible, then there would be no need for the police and other members of the security force. Each person would become their brother's keeper. It's a dying world, and people need hope. There is hope in King Jesus, who promises us a better life in His Kingdom."