Fri | Jan 18, 2019

PM Holness salutes all Jamaican heroes

Published:Monday | October 15, 2018 | 10:27 AM
Prime Minister Andrew Holness - File photo

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government salutes heroes from all walks of lives who continue to make Jamaica a better place.

In his National Heroes Day message, Holness said the Government salutes “those who have gone beyond self and acted in the interest and well-being of others; often putting their lives on the line and in some cases giving their lives; in order to secure a better life for the Jamaican Family.”

Here are the highlights from his message.

* Our heroes of the past, Paul Bogle, Nanny of the Maroons, Sam Sharpe, and George William Gordon paid the ultimate price in the struggle for freedom, justice, respect and dignity. Marcus Garvey, Norman Manley and Sir Alexander Bustamante led the struggle for our independence and nationhood. Through their sacrifice, we are a free people, an independent nation striving to secure justice, peace and prosperity for all members of our Jamaican Family and doing our part to advance the welfare of the whole human race.

* Today, we not only celebrate those who have paved the way but those who continue to do their best for Jamaica Land We Love in service to their fellow citizens. There are countless heroes from all walks of life and in several sectors of business and industry, the public service, medical services and others who continue to display acts of heroism daily. Jamaicans are extraordinary people and we see constant reminders of our resilience, selflessness, and fortitude.

* Today, we celebrate Jamaicans like Selena Reid, Grace Allen and Kimani Anderson for their courage and heroism in ensuring the safety of children at the Walkers Place of Safety who were trapped by fire. We acknowledge the bravery of Sophia Cameron, Verlyn Douse and Camille McIntosh who saved the lives of 22 infants during a fire at the Neonatal Care Unit of the Victoria Jubilee Hospital.

* We acknowledge Lloyd Nelson and Jevon Lewis who displayed courage in rescuing five adults and a baby who were trapped inside a building after heavy rains in St. James.  They are real examples of ordinary Jamaicans who when confronted with adversity have acted with extraordinary selflessness and courage to save the lives of others.

* Today, I want to single out the brave members of our security forces, the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Jamaica Defence Force. Some have lost their lives in the line of duty, and many have had close calls, and suffered serious injuries, such as the soldiers carrying out operation in the hills of St. James, or the policeman on duty in Half Way Tree who responded to a robbery and was shot but saved by the grace of God that his phone was in his pocket. I wish to commend the men and women of the JCF and the JDF for the work they have been doing in general to combat crime and particularly for their work and conduct in the Zones of Special Operations and in the areas declared under States of Public Emergency.

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