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Mother delighted after son re-admitted to Calabar

Published:Thursday | October 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM

At least one parent is reporting that her son has been readmitted to Calabar High School after he was among a group of grade 10 boys who was kicked from the school for attaining less than 60 per cent average.

The Gleaner first reported that approximately 50 grade 10 students who failed to meet the 60 per cent average set by the school for them to be accepted in grade 11 were expelled. Education Minister Ruel Reid had ordered that all the students who were expelled be reinstated. However, at the start of the new academic year, several parents had expressed concerns that their children were yet to be readmitted to school.

Speaking with The Gleaner on Tuesday, the mother said she is now breathing a sigh of relief as her son started school September 18. She also noted that she was doing all that is possible to support and motivate her son, who will be sitting seven Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects.

The mother also said while she was not aware if all students were readmitted, some of her son's friends also got a second chance.

"He was readmitted at the school on condition of going to extra classes. He's doing well so far. He started school late so there's a little disadvantage, but he's doing much better," she said.

"There were some challenges at the beginning, but he's improving. Right now the push is for SBA (School Based Assessment) so there's no time for anything else than getting the exams done. He wasn't recommended for a particular subject because he didn't do so well on the test, but he'll be doing the others," she said

The mother added: "Because of the SBAs, there are times when he's really tired, but I have to motivate him because there's no time because it's seven SBAs. He has the drive to do it though."