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Second chances after devastating divorces - Part One

Published:Saturday | October 20, 2018 | 12:00 AMShanna Kaye Monteith/GleanerWriter

For many years, the stigma of divorce has kept many, especially Christians, suffering in silence. While it is agreed that marriage is one of the most powerful partnership that one could be a part of, the feeling of being stuck in a toxic, abusive union, as well as a marriage void of love, can be quite devastating.

What if the person you thought was the love of your life turned out to be the darkest part of your worst nightmares? What if you lost what you thought would have been an "until death do us part", after almost dying from depression and anxiety and thoughts of suicide, or even being told by that spouse to kill yourself?

This is the realty of Natalie Taylor, who, after almost a decade of being married and covering for her spouse's abusive, controlling and promiscuous behaviours, he still left her.


'... For worse'


"I suffered silently because of my belief in my vows 'for better or for worse' as well as I didn't believe in divorce. Even after discovering my ex-husband's financial dishonesty, as well as his controlling and promiscuous nature, I continued to stay because I believed forgiveness and love would be enough. However, I grew increasingly bitter and depressed and eventually numb," she said, adding that she also has a deep sense of hopelessness as few were honest about their own struggles as well as willing to give her advice on ways she could cope.

Taylor told Family & Religion that she didn't remain in her brokenness. Instead, she decided to move on and though she had unanswered questions and much pain, she began to heal.

She said: "In 2014, I started my pursuit of personal and spiritual development." Intent on finding the purpose in her pain, "I enrolled myself in conferences and workshops that took me to different countries, including the United States. I started going out to major conferences like 'Woman, Though Art Loose', but soon found that I needed more hands-on mentorship, and so I enrolled in Bishop Jakes' mentorship programme, Project Gideon, where I met other leaders such as Mitch Summerfield, Dr Ian and Nicola Edwards, who not only helped to change my circle of influence, but also helped to nurture me back to purpose."

Taylor also revealed that she made major investments, shifting her mindset from one of dependence and disappointment to one of accountability and acceleration.

While still pursuing healing and wholeness, her new leadership business and spiritual acumen made her attractive to other successful spiritual and business leaders which, according to her, meant doors she didn't before knew existed, were now being opened.


Authentic and Prosperous Life


And with the help, the fulltime mother of four, said that she was able to transform from a place of no self-worth, self-respect, or identity to living an authentic and prosperous life.

Taylor, who is now a life architect and successful businesswoman, told Family & Religion that she has moved on and continues to heal from traumas that happened even before getting married.

According to her: "As a coach, I'm aware that I had a deep brokenness that attracted to me to someone who made me smaller. I now accept that it all had to happen. I now mentor and coach singles as well as married couples in hopes that they will be able to gain wholeness and live their life on purpose - independently and collectively."

Taylor, alongside a few of the coaches who helped her rediscover herself and live her best life, are expected to lead a conference on Marriage, Mindset, Money, & Market Place at the Jamaica Conference Centre on October 27 and 28.

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