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Steve Lyston | Parents, exercise your rights!

Published:Saturday | October 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM

The rights of parents are coming under attack. There are international stakeholders that want to diminish the rights of parents. It is critical for parents to know their God-given rights and authority and that they are responsible for them and are accountable to God. God also warned in His word that the type of parenting one displays can determine the life span of a parent on earth. (Deuteronomy 11: 19 - 21; Deuteronomy 6: 7 and Proverbs 22: 6). There are even specific terminologies and meanings that people want to change in order to facilitate and support their diabolical plans to rob parents of their parental rights and authorities.


What can parents do?


First and foremost, you cannot be an effective parent without God's help.

Always set an example that your children can follow. They do what we do.

Always be vigilant and look for signs of abuse and depression, and even bullying at school. As soon as you identify these signs, you need to seek help, especially since there are a number of students today contemplating suicide. Part of this comes from the exposure they are getting to things like marijuana, immoral activities; some get pressured by all sexes. So it is critical to pray the word of God over them daily.

As parents, you must always create a climate for open dialogue, where there can be dialogue without fear to address their problems. Also, ensure that the climate that exists within your home will not negatively affect them to the point that they want to run away from home.


Don't compromise


Never compromise with your children. Remember that you are their parents, not their friend.

Parents must always know the whereabouts of their children and also their friends. Spend less time on social media and use that time to bond with your children.

Get involved with the Parent Teachers' Association and do spot checks on their curriculum so you know what they are being taught.

Parents, don't be afraid to hug your children, especially the boys and speak life and the fulfilment of their purpose over them every day.

Never try to make your children into what you wanted to be, let them be who God has said they are to be.

Always seek God for the name of your child and how to grow them with regard to their purpose. Teach them about morals, values, how to dress. The world has more than enough half-naked people running around and does not need any more. Remind them that everything on or in this earth that is precious is always covered.


Teach children to love themselves


Teach your children about the fact that God made them perfect, so they don't need to bleach, darken or tattoo their skin; pierce various body parts or anything of that nature because they were made well.

Teach them about the power of submission and how it is for their protection more than anything else.

As parents, you must lead by example, and whatever you expect of them must begin with you first. Never teach them hate, teach them the power of forgiveness. Teach them the word of God and how to pray and to stay away from witchcraft and other things that are not the principles and the instructions of God.

Never "poison" your children against another person, especially the other parent.


Teach respect and independence


Teach them to respect the law, their elders, others within the society and themselves and to stay away from alcoholic beverages and gambling.

Teach them, both male and female, to cook, clean and be entrepreneurial in their endeavours.

Teach them how to join, and stay in, a line and how to be patriotic and to respect the flag and how to say "Yes ma'am" or "No Sir" when addressing other adults/elders.

Never discipline them when you are angry, and always explain to them the purpose of discipline.

Parents, remember, 90 percent of the problems in society has its roots in the home. You are the first line of authority. You are preparing leaders, husbands, wives and whatever you do is impacting the society. The institution of family today is broken and if we are going to bring change to that and ultimately to the society, then it must begin in the home.

Know your rights and exercise them. Otherwise, then very shortly you will have no rights.