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Steve Lyston | Emotional pain hurting the global society

Published:Saturday | October 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM

While one's past should not determine one's future, we have seen unhealed, past hurts negatively impact leadership and are even influencing laws. So it is critical for people to be healed of all the baggage before seeking to engage in leadership, no just in the political arena, but also in the Church as well as the civil community and the private sector.

Both locally and globally, we have seen many persons getting into positions of influence without being healed and it creates negative results - so much so that it threatens the very innocent.

Our bad experiences and our pain should always be used to reach someone and impact their lives positively so that they, too, can pass it on.


root of Problem


The motivation behind most radical feminists and rights groups, who are lobbying for certain things they deem as rights was birthed out of the things of the past that they have been through. For example, a person who was raped (possibly by a family member or friend, or have even suffered a miscarriage, or maybe failed marriage or family). Without being healed, they will be lobbying for abortion or other rights to punish men or other groups within the society. Many of them don't even realise that the men they seek to get at are being influenced by other women, and those women are the ones they should be focused on addressing.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the issue is not one of gender. We already know what God says about gender - male and female - and we know who God says is the leader of the family, and nobody can change that. The issue is the division of the family and attempting to remove the man as the head of the family.

Whether we like it or not, the man is the head of the family and when he is missing from the picture, he is leaving his family open to attacks and predators of every kind - male and female - who will begin to ravish the family unit while he is in bed with another woman or man.


A Healed Person


Someone who is healed seeks to identify the real issue and the real enemy. They first have to learn how to truly (fully) forgive with no spring of bitterness within. Their daily decisions will never be influenced by the pain and hurt they have been through. Mercy and compassion will be the number one criteria.

When someone gets healing, the first things God gives them are a new heart, a new mind and a new spirit. They will not be led by emotion. They will no longer walk around with the pain and the shame, but will, instead, walk in a greater level of emotional maturity and healing.

Recognise that when a person is emotionally hurt, they are unstable in their thoughts, actions and motives. They never trust - it is almost as if a part of them has been closed off. They, in turn, hurt those who come to help them. They will be attracted to the wrong persons, whether in business or personal relationships. They always blame others, but they never truly look into themselves, and it is almost as if they have physically moved on to grade 12 but are still emotionally sitting in grade 2.




- Emotional healing does not come through yoga or medication. Only God's Spirit can give that complete healing (Luke 4: 18-19, Psalm 23: 3, Psalm 34: 17-18).

- They need to begin to see themselves the way God sees them, rather than believe what they think they are.

- They must take control of their thoughts - every negative thought - and turn them into positives (2 Corinthians 10: 5).

- Stay away from the old crowd and turn away from the old habits and old memories.

- Speak positive confessions from the Word of God, read His Word daily, and stay in God's presence.

Understand that the emotional hurt that you have been through has the potential for greater purpose. God never told us that we will not go through the river, the flame, the fire and the water, but He said when we do go through it, He will be with us. He said He will be with you. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and stop blaming God.