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Lady Allen commends Manchester women on making boss moves

Published:Friday | November 2, 2018 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Some of the female bosses of Made in Manchester.
From left: Pauline Smith of the Association of Mushroom Producers sharing facts about mushroom production with Lady Allen and Made in Manchester boss, Annette Salmon.
Female entrepreneurs mingling at the Made in Manchester Women's brunch.
Pauline Smith (second right), of the Association of Mushroom Producers shares how the delicacy can be prepared.
Female entrepreneurs mingling at the Made in Manchester Women's brunch.
Entertainer Latisha thrills the ladies at the Made in Manchester Women's brunch.

Mandeville, Manchester
They say behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. That proves to be true for the women of the Made in Manchester Women's Movement who continue to do all they can to create brand awareness and promote each other.

Just recently the women hosted their brunch at the Mandeville Hotel, under the patronage of Lady Allen, who expressed her delight in seeing women working together instead of tearing each other down.

"The concept of the Made in Manchester Women's summit, which was introduced two years ago, is indeed a welcome initiative to bolster the exposure and advancement of the ladies who are holding their own and attempting to do big things in the business arena."

She added: "The platform it provides for them to increase visibility, build brand awareness as well as partnerships, will definitely harness big rewards for the parish on a whole, as well as surrounding areas and possibly the entire country and eventually internationally."

She expressed that women ought to be given more credit for all the things they do.

"Many of our females have become pillars in our country, taking on lead roles in families, churches, business entities, school community groups, among others, while balancing many other roles and wearing a number of other hats in their daily lives.

"When we see what is happening with our women and our children, we could all throw in the towel and curl up in a foetal position, but our women are there standing in the gap, fighting and protecting our women and children. Let us continue to encourage each other and lend our assistance in building up rather than tearing down," Lady Allen said.

Having sampled the products made by the women, Lady Allen commended the hard working women for finding alternatives to combat the economic downturn being experienced today.
Founder of Made in Manchester, Annette Salmon said the movement has always been about collaboration and not so much competition.

"This is a movement and we believe people can collaborate. We are not in business for competition, but more so for how we can collaborate and make each other grow.

"Our mandate is to bring together women in the parish who want to work together, grow together and support one another; women who come to be inspired and motivated and seek capacity building" she ended.