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New chamber president to pump life into Clarendon

Published:Saturday | November 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM

MAY PEN, Clarendon:

It has been two months since Winsome Witter took up the reins of president of the Clarendon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and she is gunning to make a difference in the parish.

Before making the decision to lead the CCC, Witter said she prayed about it to ensure that it was aligned with her current goals and objectives.

Cognisant of the many challenges presented by violence producers in the parish, Witter admitted that crime is putting a damper on business operations, but she is confident that it is a hurdle that they can, as a group, confront and overcome.

One of the major challenges right now, she said, is the issue of break-ins which are impacting the May Pen business community. "The CCC has been in dialogue with Senior Superintendent of Police Vendolyn Cameron Powell, and as a body, we will continue to monitor the situation," she said.

Witter said she is not fazed by the challenges the position comes with, as for her, challenges present great opportunities for growth.


Oracle of change


Smiling at being referred to as a 'female president', Witter said she sees herself as much more than that. "I see myself as someone who has been charged with the awesome responsibility to be an oracle of change," she told The Gleaner.

Putting aside the negatives, Witter has been 'getting her feet wet' in the business community through the many meetings and interactions with business operators.

She said her goal is to see Clarendon get to the place where doing business will be "seamless", and this she is hoping to accomplish by forming the right collaborations in the parish.

Operating her own business, Serenity Administrative Consulting Services, Witter provides solutions to administrative and operational challenges.

A graduate of Clarendon College, Witter spent more than 10 years in banking up to the senior supervisory level. During that time, she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in management studies with honours from the University of the West Indies. She also holds a Master of Business Administration from University of Liverpool.

She entered the cable industry in 2006 and spent 10 years as the COO for a local operation in May Pen, and served for eight years as the president of the Cable Television Association.

Witter has been actively serving in the business community for the past five years through her involvement in the Clarendon Inter-Agency Network, among other entities.

Looking ahead in her new role, Witter said her vision is to have businesses throughout the length and breadth of Clarendon be fully aware of best practices in operating viable and sustainable businesses. "They should be poised to take advantage of opportunities for growth and development, as well as available funding options," she said.