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‘You have to be real with the King’

Published:Saturday | November 10, 2018 | 12:00 AMShanna kaye Monteith/ Gleaner Writer
Real talk Kim

Loving people back to life is one of the main passions of the ministry of Kimberly Jones-Pothier, popularly known as Real Talk Kim.

Alongside her husband, the best-selling author pastors the Church of the Harvest in Fayetteville, Georgia, travels the world fulfilling her purpose and spreading the Word, using her own life as testament.

Real Talk Kim recently delivered a powerful sermon, encouraging people to let go and let God during the WIN Accelerate 2018 Conference held at the Jamaica Conference Centre last month.

She spoke of how she was labelled as a 'special ed' student back in school - a tag which rested on her subconscious and followed her into adulthood.

The pastor testified to having lost everything she owned and having to move back in with her parents at the age of 36.

"Here I am, special ed, carrying the label my whole life and thinking my life was over.

"I was laying in my bed every night thinking 'God, You are mean, You are hateful'. I'd be cursing Him every night and I was falling into a deep place where I was aching.

"You see, we can attend all these conferences and spend thousands of dollars trying to better ourselves, but until you get your heart right, ain't nothing going to change.

"You can go to church, shout, speak in tongues, fall to the floor, but nothing's going to change until you are for real in your heart with the King," she said.

Real Talk Kim, as her moniker suggests, was extremely transparent in her address as she testified and witnessed to her longing audience.

She continued: "I was going to church my whole life and never found out who God is for myself, where I could lay in a room and hear His voice. I used to wait hours to hear Him call my name with instructions, but then I realised that's why my life was so shattered - and for so long.

"That's why some of you can't even figure it out. You've been praying and waiting for an answer from God and He's been telling you what to do, but you won't be quiet!

"Being anointed and messy don't mix, and until you get your heart in line: you can stay here and do all that you're doing, but nothing's going to change."

Pastor Kim noted that many people are looking to God for a change in circumstances and for deliverance, but are still harbouring hateful thoughts against others who may have hurt them.

She declared that in order for the change to come, there must first be a change in heart.

According to her, "I lost everything. I was not singing 'He's a Good Father'. In fact, I was telling Him everyday that He doesn't like me, but He wasn't like 'Rock-a-bye baby', He was like 'Are you through?'

"God is telling somebody that where He's taking you - just a little bit of anger, a little bit of church hurt, a little bit of that boss annoying you, just a little bit of resentment can keep you from walking into your destiny. What are you holding unto that you need to let go off?"

Other teachings of Real Talk Kim are available on Instagram and YouTube.