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CPFSA to focus on mental health

Published:Wednesday | November 14, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Rosalee Gage-Grey, head of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), said there has been a renewed focus on providing services that will cater to children's mental health, in light of the many gruesome acts of violence that continue to plague the country.

Speaking with The Gleaner during the International Proxy Parents Annual Bazaar, Gage-Grey noted that it is important for adults to see the need for children to enjoy their childhood, and as such, should try to create an environment free of violence and trauma.

"We are seeing the need and are focusing much more on mental health because this amount of violence and trauma in the society is having a significant impact on our children who require psychosocial and psychiatric intervention," she said.

"We are moving full speed ahead to get the therapeutic centre built at Maxfield Park. That's our aim for next year to have the therapeutic centre up and running," she continued.

The CPFSA boss also said that a lot of work is being done to focus on children who had witnessed recent traumatic incidents involving their friends.

"I think we continue to be very disturbed by the gruesome nature in which the children are being killed. Majority of the children who go missing do return home, but in recent times we are seeing where they are being viciously murdered and it continue to concern us," she said.

Yetanya 'Princess' Francis is just one of a number of children who has been murdered since the start of the year.

It is reported that she left home in Arnett Gardens to go to a nearby shop to purchase food. When she did not return a search was launched by residents of the community. He nude, partly burnt body was later found by the residents in a section of the community.