Wed | May 22, 2019

Victoria Mutual celebrates 140 years

Published:Friday | November 16, 2018 | 12:00 AMVanessa James/Gleaner Writer
A customer speaks with a teller while the other waits at the newly renovated Victoria Mutual Building Society Half-Way Tree branch.

Victoria Mutual celebrated 140 years of service on Wednesday with the opening of its newly refurbished Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) Half-Way Tree branch.

The highlight of the renovation is the installation of new intelligent automated banking machines (iABM) that performs basic banking services.

Peter Reid, chief executive officer of the building society operations, said the design of the branch helps with the flow of the facility. "The iABM is a quicker banking option, especially for the millennials who are always on the go. Cash deposits and withdrawals can be done, and the account is updated at the same time. It (the design) also allows for enhanced customer service for those who rather a more face-to-face experience," said Reid, noting that he was satisfied with the bank's accomplishments, "I am proud to service our members because they are our owners. We do not have stakeholders, so everything we do is for them."




Allison Morgan, branch manager of VMBS Half-Way Tree, shared her expectations of the changes. "I expect improvements in service as it relates to time; people always want to be in and out. The branch, however, is not only transactional-oriented, but is more tailored to creating a space that is more personal to talk to the members about their future and putting plans in place to achieve financial independence." Morgan also spoke of the 'Lunch and Learn' sessions, where representatives of the bank are sent to organisations to educate employees on how they can benefit from the different services offered at Victoria Mutual.

Michael Neita, chief executive officer of the Victoria Mutual Property Services Limited, said the renovation of the branch took approximately one year. "The branch did not close at all during the refurbishing, so all the work had to take place around the daily running, but we got it done in time because of the contractor, Byron Constantine, and the staff of Victoria Mutual."

As part of its anniversary celebrations, all the branches islandwide celebrated 'Members Day' and members were feted.

Victoria Mutual expects to open a new branch in Fairview, Montego Bay, which will replicate the Half-Way Tree branch, but with a larger emphasis on personalised service.