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Karim Campbell’s passion for the things of God

Published:Saturday | November 17, 2018 | 12:00 AM
2018 graduate Karim Campbell, Bsc Accounting and Marketing (Double-major).
Campbell introducing the guest speaker at this year's Advent Fellowship graduation.

The sheer dedication to God's work and will, even above his double-major university degree, has positioned Karim Campbell as a suitable leader and competitive employee in his field.

The young man told Family & Religion that he gave his life to the Lord in second form while at the Morant Bay High School in St Thomas, after being inspired by his friend's baptism.

His passion for the things of God and the Word propelled him to speak up a lot on areas he thought needed improvement in the Church, which later positioned him as a confident speaker and leader, and by age 15, he was selected as head of the youth department at the Hampton Court Seventh-day Adventist Church in the parish, where he had purview of persons between the ages 16 and 30.

"It was a rewarding experience as I had to plan a lot of programmes and outreach activities. God used that platform to further develop me as an individual," he said.

Campbell gave an account of his mother's encouragement when he was leaving home to attend university.

"She told me that she doesn't expect any misconduct from me and reminded me that I am a Christian - a talk that I truly appreciated.

"Going to CASE (College of Agriculture Science and Education), I wasn't tempted to get into the drinking or the partying because from day one, I had maintained that I would keep my connection with God.

"There, I got involved with the Adventist fraternity and made acquaintances with people from other Christian groups. I learnt that you can maintain your Christianity in university once you maintain the mindset that you will stand for God no matter what, though you may have dorm mates who will mock and jeer you."

Campbell said that he spent one year at CASE, after which he switched to the University of the West Indies (UWI) with the intention of pursuing medicine. He later decided to do business instead.

"And though I didn't get a 'vision' that business was my calling, there were instances of providence, I would say, that make me feel that where I'm at now is where God wants me to be," he revealed, adding that he is content in his decision.

The young churchman told Family & Religion that he entered UWI with the same intention of maintaining his relationship with God and other Christian brethren, and soon, he became very active Advent Fellowship (Adfel) where he admittedly spent most of his time.


Graduation a Testament


Campbell, who served in various executive positions, including president of the University Christian Group, said: "People may have wondered how I did so much work for God and not getting enough time to study, but I wasn't worried as God has a way of coming through for His people, and my graduation is a testament to that.

"The energies I expelled in Adfel and doing the work of God even a day before exam was of no concern to me because I trusted God."

Today, the 2018 graduate of UWI with a double major in accounting and marketing, credits God, his local church, Adfel and his supportive family, including his father and stepmother, for his personal and professional development.

According to him: "I did not leave UWI with a first-class degree, but I had about six-eight job offers, which are products of not so much the degree, but being there for God and having those opportunities to serve. They really added to my personal development which is what persons see now.

"I was able to develop my leadership and speaking abilities and it added to the network of people that I now know. So, though UWI was rewarding, I believe doing the work of God and being active in things concerning Him make me the individual I am today."