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'Mijamaz' hits the road - Jamaican-born nurse donates first 100 specially designed pyjamas to American Cancer Society

Published:Thursday | November 29, 2018 | 12:00 AMCarlene Davis
Yordis Morrison (second left) with members of her team outside the American Cancer Society recently.

Persons being treated at the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge Program in Florida in the United States are set to benefit from 100 specially designed pyjamas, donated by Jamaican registered nurse, Yordis Morrison, who has created a new line of easy open hospital apparel known as 'Mijamaz'.

The Jamaican is the founder of her own unique line of medi-pyjamas which are designed to protect a patient's privacy and restore dignity in short- and long-term care settings.

"The American Cancer Society has lodges throughout the country for patients who have cancer and go to different places to get treatment, and can't afford a place to stay.

"The society gives them free lodging, so I donated my first 100 pyjamas to patients in those lodgings. The feedback is that they are comfortable, they are warm and they are functional, they give good body coverage," Morrison told The Sunday Gleaner.

Mijamaz was inspired by Morrison's mother who lost her fight against cancer, and the donation is an extension of her tribute to the woman who gave birth to her.

"My mother was a very giving person. We called her 'give away mother'. She gave away every single thing. She would be so proud. in fact, if my mom was in the hospital, she would prefer me giving it to someone else over her, that's how giving she was. I am honouring her, and so I know she is super proud that I have followed her example to give back," said Morrison.




With 37 years' experience as a nurse, Morrison said she has seen at first hand what persons facing cancer go through, and wants this small gesture to be used as a motivational factor for them to continue fighting the disease.

"I know that they need it, because cancer is a very depressing diagnosis and people don't know where to turn for help, and they need a lot of encouragement.

"When you are being treated for cancer the chemotherapy makes you feel cold so you always feel exposed. So I have given them their personal pyjamas that they can wear at home, wear in the hospital, and it is functional.

"When someone sees the need and give to them, it gives them that motivation to push through. It's just saying, 'yes, we do care about you, you have cancer, but you can fight it and we are here with you'," said Morrison.

In April, Morrison told The Sunday Gleaner that Mijamaz would be available for sale later in the year.

At that time, she said she was in the process of doing the testing, where she would send the product to different persons and have them return them to her to make sure the channels work, to see what needed tweaking.

"The pyjamas will be on sale online at starting December 1. If someone is interested in purchasing the pyjamas at this time we can only fill orders generated in the United States, but if they have family or friends in the US, they could have the US-based person order it and forward it to them," added Morrison.